Its been a year since the Reels was launched on Instagram, and very recently Remix on Reels as a feature was announced. As we celebrate one year to Reels, you just cannot miss out on these Reels Remix.

Instagram recently launched Remix on Reels, a new feature that allows people to mix in other people’s Reels into their original posts. Since then, people, public figures, and creators from India and abroad, have used this feature creatively to engage with their community. It’s all the more interesting to note how musicians and artists across India have used Remix innovatively – allowing fans to feel closer to them, by singing along to some of their most popular songs with them on Instagram. This trend has continued to grow, as more and more musicians kick-start challenges for fans to enjoy their music.

Check them out!

Mai Rahu Ya Na Rahu by Anumita Nadesan –  Anumita’s mesmerizing voice went viral recently, and for all the right reasons. But she’s also given her fans a chance to sing along with her via her new Remix challenge where she is seen singing the first half of the song Main Rahu Ya Na Rahu for fans to chime in before she sings the main chorus. Over 1500 Reels have been created so far on this audio.

Bol do na zara by Jonita Gandhi – In this Reels challenge, Jonita can be seen singing half of the song and urging fans and followers to sing the other half by remixing her Reel and tagging her using #Jonitagandhi and #remixonreels. Almost 700 Reels have been created around this Remix challenge.

Aaya Na Tu by Arjun Kanungo – Arjun Kanungo urged his fans to sing with him and Remix his Reels on one of his most loved songs Aaya Na Tu. He even reshared a few of his fan Remixes on his stories. Over 110 Remixes have been created from this audio.

Quareeb by Kamakshi Khanna –  Celebrating her song Quareeb’s 100k hit on Spotify, Kamakshi created a little acapella version of her song for fans on Instagram and asked them to Remix it. This audio has over 104 Reels around it.

Peaches by Lisa Mishra – Lisa created her own version of the famous Justin Beiber song Peaches, asking her fans to remix it. She also reposted some of the Remixes made by her fans on stories. So far almost 70 Reels have been made using this audio.

How to use Remix on Reels, you ask?

  • Find a great reel
  • Tap the three dot menu on a reel and select “Remix this Reel”
  • The screen will split into the original reel and your new one — start recording your Remix! Your recording will be side-by-side to the original reel
  • Once recorded, you can control the volume for the original audio, your recorded audio, and add a voiceover. To edit volume control, tap the slider icon up top, to add a voiceover, tap the microphone icon up top
  • Edit as you desire, and post your remixed Reel!
  • Only newly uploaded Reels will have Remix enabled. You will need to enable Remix on previous Reels

Have you created an Instagram reel remix yet?

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