Check out this list of basic social media etiquette that every person who maintains an online presence should know and follow.

Every day is social media day. You cannot deny all those 5 min breaks that turned into half an hour breaks, the constant reminder by mom on how much time you spend on your phone only to watch her get back to the screen and the immense amount of content that we consume day in and out. The past year, we saw the world come to a standstill but the only thing that kept going was the online space. Our screen time only increased during the pandemic. Considering how much time we spend online there is basic social media etiquette that we should all keep in mind.

We’ve all got so used to being online that at times we tend to ignore the basic guidelines that make our online presence valuable. The online space cannot always be positive. There are various negative and hurtful events that people face because of their online presence. To tackle them and to develop a good online image, we made a list of basic rules that one should follow next time they scroll through their IG feeds.

Check out this list:

Be respectful and don’t bad-mouth your competition

Present a more authentic and genuine self online

Be more kind and empathetic while talking to people on the Social Media

Verify the information that you share online

Try and cheer for people on the Social Media. Sharing their work will motivate them

Don’t forget to give due credit

Don’t troll or give rise to Cancel Culture

Don’t spam someone to ask something

It’s okay to commit a mistake

Normalize error in the typo

Agree to Disagree

Own up if you make a mistake

Happy Social Media Day!!

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