5 Indian illustrators are using art to change minds

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Indian illustrators

If you're looking for some lighthearted distraction on a weekday check out these wonderfully talented Indian illustrators.

A piece of inspiration is all that is in front of us when we are in the midst of chaos; art takes our hands and leads us there. Over time, art has shown to be the ideal diversion from our chaotic state of existence and a constant reminder of how magnificent our planet is. Following is a list of 5 artists who use lines, colors, drawings, and sketches to express themselves on their Instagram. Their creation is uplifting, aesthetically appealing, and energizing visually by reducing an image to its bare essentials while simultaneously making fun of and criticizing the reality of the world that we live in. These illustrators explore a variety of sociopolitical subjects in their sketches, including feminism, patriarchal conventions, and sexual empowerment, while entertaining and enlightening viewers.

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Don't miss out on these favs!

Neha doodles: Neha Sharma a.ka. Neha Doodles is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and lifestyle content creator obsessed with colors. After spending thousands of rupees trying to become a Chartered Accountant she finally figured out that wasn't what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. But drawing was. While she has grown to become one of the most admired illustrators on Instagram with 306K followers, it took her incredible courage to take that leap of faith to choose the world of doodling. She makes artworks and comics on the internet with the main agenda of how art is therapy. She also makes quirky doodles and quintessential Indian comics with a bit of sarcasm thrown in. Neha’s work has been published on many prints and digital platforms like Huffington Post, The Tribune, The Delhi Times, Times of India, Tinkle Digest, Cosmopolitan, and others.

Ayush Kalra: He attempts to challenge long-standing gender stereotypes by highlighting them through his creative illustrations. A digital illustrator, Ayush has mastered the skill of diving deeply into the complexities of digital art. From desi art to contemporary aesthetics, his artistic talent can be seen in the fascinating movements he uses to emphasize the varying characteristics of animated characters. His extraordinary digital artwork, which he developed by stepping outside of his comfort zone, is shown on Instagram and has 73.1K followers on his social. He is a young illustrator from Delhi who has already made a significant career milestone by being accepted into the renowned HT 30Under30.

Shubhajeet Dey: Digital artist, Shubhajeet is a firm believer in using sketches and cartoons to express his emotions and thoughts. Since his school days, he used to create illustrations and doodles during classes on the back of his notebooks.  He currently runs a profile on Instagram called Calmchor Cartoons where he draws Indian cartoons based on tales drawn from real-life adventures and sprinkled with sarcasm. His cartoon-like illustrations and humorous undertone make it one of the illustration accounts on Instagram leading to 168K followers. Shubhajeet is one of the few creators who provides funny content with social messages in them.

Shivangi Sah: She is a well-known YouTube personality who works as a user experience designer. Shivangi is renowned for all of her incredible artistic endeavors and new concepts. Shivangi has 1.18M subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has been able to create her own brand in the digital sphere while exploring the realm of art. She believes that design is not only about problem-solving or enhancing user experience but also something with which people can connect emotionally.

Stephy Ann Tomy: She is wide-eyed, with big curly hair, loves Christmas and Onam, is obsessed with stationery, and breaks into a song at random hours of the day. Stephy is a self-confessed papadam hogger and she weirdly loves beans. Meet Stephy, the eponymous comic character created by 24-year-old UK-based illustrator Stephy Ann Tomy. She has 93.6K followers on Instagram where she reveals her passion for drawing. Her comic strips are short single-frame renderings of her everyday adventures with friends. Directed at young millennials and gen Zers navigating adulthood, careers, love, relationships, and identity, Stephy’s comics offer a funny, relatable, light-hearted, and often quirky worldview.

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