Harmeet Rahal’s artworks are bright and thought-provoking and will leave you scrolling through his feed non-stop.

How often do you find yourself with a zillion thoughts and feelings that leave you all hazy? This is precisely why journaling is an important aspect of an everyday routine. While writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper helps you make sense of that fog in your head, making illustrations and artworks out of this is what we’ll call talent. There’s so much more to art than colors, strokes, and perfection. It all looks pretty but what gives it meaning is the thought behind the piece; The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh became iconic not for the colors but the concept behind it. Over the decades, we’ve chanced upon art that was here to make us pause and think and that’s exactly what Harmeet Rahal’s artworks do – they leave you with multiple thoughts to ponder on.

Harmeet is an artist and illustrator based in Bombay. He makes zines and works as an animator sometimes. His last zine ‘slumberland’, was a crowdsourced dream journal, made from dreams that he collected from friends. He went to art school at Rachana Sansad in Bombay, where he studied painting. He likes experimenting with new mediums of art and finding different ways to communicate a message or feeling. Illustration is also just a fun job to have for him, and he’s got to meet some really nice people to collaborate with. He’s always liked using bright colors, especially to depict slightly serious subject matter.

Harmeet Rahal’s artworks capture the complexities of life in bright colors. Check them out!

You can check out more of Harmeet’s work here.

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