5 reasons why we get excited for Vishu even as adults

Smrithi Mohan
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Everyone around the world is welcoming the new year as they celebrate Vishu and as adults, we can't help but agree that these reasons make it interesting.

Festivals are the life of our cultures and we are always looking forward to them no matter which part of India we belong to. For Malayalees across the globe, April is the time when they get to welcome another New Year with pop and excitement as they celebrate Vishu. The festival falls on the first day of Medam as per the Malayalam month. Families come together to rejoice, jubilate and pray for a prosperous year. There is a set of things that we always do during the festival and people who are always the most excited about the same are kids. Even though things change as we grow up, there are always reasons why we look forward to every festival and Vishu is no different. So we decided to list down some that prove why the festival is still as exciting for us adults.

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Check out these 5 reasons why we still love this festival!

Even though we haven't slept until 4 in the morning and tried having a proper 2 hours of sleep, we are rejuvenated after watching the Kanni. Seeing Krishna's idol decorated with all kinds of things and especially the Kanni Konna (the flowers), makes up for the lack of sleep.


It's another reason for us to dress up and wear new clothes. Even as adults, waking up and wearing new outfits will always bring child-like excitement to us.


The only thing we did as kids is went around playing, visiting cousins and coming back home to have a lavish sadhya. While we still enjoy doing that as adults, we are also tasked to help our mothers out to prepare for them. Not to forget the food coma after devouring the meal that you helped your parents prepare.

While waking up and dressing may seem like the toughest task, we all know the real task is to finish an entire sadhya while sitting down and getting up after that. Bellies and hearts are full out here!


Bursting firecrackers may not be everyone's cup of tea, because as adults we are trying to be more responsible and caring about the environment but watching kids enjoying them takes you back to your childhood. And we are here for that!


The one thing that excited us as kids for Vishu was the Kaineetam that we so eagerly waited for. The practice that came from the belief that sharing wealth with people you love, will grow in abundance is something we all love.

Meeting adults and them giving money to kids while blessing them is a Vishu ritual we all love from our hearts until we grew up and became adults ourselves. The tables have turned and now we are expected to be the ones giving money.


Happy Vishu!

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