These cats from movies and shows will make you want to adopt them right away because they’re just too adorable

The long trail of never-ending cat memes and cleaning my cat’s litter, that’s literally how my day starts. Cats can be a little defensive when you are petting them but hey, this is the only toxic relationship we are willing to stay in. Even though the cats we have are perfectly cuddly and super cute, cats we see onscreen are just too adorable and we know there’s some part of you that also thinks “God I wish I had that cat”!

Some cats we have seen on-screen played a crucial role in the movie, while some were just there to be adorable, either way, we just love how cats fit so well in the cinematic universe. Even though their appearance was for a short period we just love seeing them giving the main character energy. Movies deserve more cat appearances, and we all know it. And I just know that in some multiverse, cats are taking over the world and humans are their pets.

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These adorable cat cameos will make replace yours! (but don’t)

Stuart little (Snowbell)

Though antagonist at first, snowbell finds his way to love Stuart. And might I add he is such a goof ball how can we not like him!

Ms Marvel (Goose)

I feel Goose literally saved the universe and that’s only fax no printers. After years of wondering what happened to Nick Fury’s eye we finally saw who was behind that.

Chilling Adventures with Sabrina (Salem)

I can replace all the cats I have for Salem, He is not just a cat with super powers but is also an emotionally supportive cat and he can have all my money.

Kid Vs Kat (Kat)

Who doesn’t want a spooky evil cat in their house? I don’t know about you guys but growing up i always wanted to have Kat as a pet.

Harry Potter (Professor McGonagall)

McGonagall turning into a cat is whole another mood! I am sure every cat lover who anyone who owns a cat have thought how living as a cat would feel like.

Tom And Jerry (Tom)

The ultimate cat of all universes, we’ve all had cats like Tom at some point in our life. Super arrogant and moist but adorably the cutest!

Which of these cat appearances are your fav? Let us know in the comments!

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