With another mediocre approach, Indian Matchmaking season 3 reminded us of every Seema Aunty who exists in our lives in an entertaining way.

I’m sorry, what do you mean you don’t believe in marriage and would be happy staying the single, independent, strong woman that you are, especially if you don’t meet guys that deserve you? Also, you are over 30 and have finally decided to give marriage a chance! Guess you just ticked every red flag in Seema Aunty’s book of matchmaking. But worry not, she is back with her matchmaking skills with a third season, and boy, is it a ride!

Traveling around the world with her own little kitchen where ever she goes with Indian snacks, medicines, and whatnot, Sima Aunty distributes these with with love. Her potential clients live away from India and are looking to find a match for their kids in this season. An 8-episode long journey of finding potential suitors, we follow 5 new people this season – Priya, Vikash, Rushali, Arti, and Pavneet. Each person has their own list of preferences of what their partner should be like and each of them finds themselves under the scrutiny of Sima Aunty. It’s basically another season of people being judged for wanting a partner of their liking while she’s being paid to call them ‘difficult’.

Like the previous years, this season was also about her asking her clients to lower their expectations, be ready to compromise in marriage and question the choices they make. We still can’t get over her “don’t have to marry a poet, she can always read a book” comment for Rushali who just wanted someone who is romantic and would appreciate her poems. Sima Aunty can list down what she notices about a person and despite carrying biodatas that are usually “all 100%”, she still wants her clients to be more ‘flexible’. Despite the hate that people may have for the show, there’s a reason why we keep going back. We want to know if people find ‘the one’ or if things will work out for couples who found each other on the show.

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This season in particular had some ironic, hilarious, and extremely quotable moments that we can definitely cannot ignore.

Everything nobody gets

Sima Aunty has been the sassiest this season. Her reply to clients’ list of preferences is too hilarious for us to not quote them in our everyday life. It won’t be a surprise to find our boss quote her for an appraisal after they compliment our work.

still from the show

She should not be so much picky

When you vent to your fam about multiple problems you’re facing literally anywhere.

still from the show

Cards don’t lie

Sima Aunty ends up going all the way to Mumbai to a card reader to find out about Arti’s future who lives in UK. If only someone believed in us like she is does in cards! It’s also something you can use on your bestie when that walking talking red flag shows his true colours.

still from the show

I could not understand that!

Next time you meet someone who has ridiculous expectations just say ‘I could not understand that‘ and move on! If Sima Aunty can, we can!

still from the show

Love is not only about giving but also receiving

Dr Varkha saying that love is not only about giving but also receiving triggered something in all of us. This quote will surely become a mantra in all our lives especially when we are feeling low and un-loved.

still from the show

Be optimistic and open-hearted about this

Bobby was the life of this season and we all were upset when he ended up being friend-zoned like he feared. But he taught us to be optimistic and open-hearted about life.

still from the show

We’ll take that!

Our jaws were literally on the floor when Aashay Shah brought an expensive bracelet for Viral. We all deserve to have that “yeah, we take that” moment where we can just let go and enjoy the finer things in life.

still from the show

What is your favourite moment from this season? Let us know.

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