6 fierce girl characters we've seen in Indian films!

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6 fierce girl characters we've seen in Indian films!

These films celebrate strength and resilience seen in their fierce girl characters!

Over the years, women in India have been marginalised and restrained in many aspects. Though we have made notable progress in some areas, not a lot has changed. Women still face barriers, right from discrimination in the workplace to domestic violence. These issues have gained attention in the last few years but there are many other problems that often go unnoticed. Problems faced by women vary on the basis of region, class, community and culture and thus, sometimes a lot gets ignored. Though bigger issues like women safety and education are finding their way in policy maker's list of priorities, we still have a long way to go. A lot of newly born girls are still getting killed, many young girls are still being forced to marry and women are still murdered by their own families in the name of honour killings. There are some movies made that revolve around fierce girl characters and have been successful in catching the attention of the nation and these movies surely make a gateway to change.

Some of these films made a mark on us because of their strong appeal, storyline and of course their characters. These stories didn't just focus on girls making a path for themselves against all odds but also focus on more subtle aspects like how these girls supported each other and made themselves unforgettable because of their unique characters. These movies centred around fierce girl characters who know how to make and take their space are ones we love watching time and again because they pull us up on days when we're not quite feeling our best!

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Check them out!

Dangal (2016) - Netflix

Mahavir Singh Phogat, a former wrestler, trains his daughters to be much more than what society finds acceptable. It covers a brilliant story about how these characters fought social stigma.

Secret Superstar (2017) - Netflix

Secret Superstar shows us the story of a rebellious girl who goes against the wind to achieve her dream of becoming a singer. The friction that she faces in her family shows us how it takes sheer strength to go against the order.

Nil Battey Sannata (2015) - ZEE5, Prime Video

The film deals with a common problem with a very unique concept. Apeksha thinks education isn't necessary considering their financial condition. To solve this problem, her mother also joins the same school as a student to motivate her daughter into studying.

The Sky is Pink (2019) - Netflix

This film tells the story of a young girl, Aisha who knows that she would not live past her teen years because of her medical condition. Against all odds, she decides to fill her life with ambition, hope and love. And she didn't just do it for herself but for everyone around her as well!

Iqbal (2005) - ZEE5

Iqbal might be a story revolving around a boy who wants to play in the Indian Cricket team despite suffering from hearing and speech problems but what fills our heart was his bond with his sister in the movie and how she helps him in the journey.

Parched (2015) - Prime Video

While we have watched a number of movies dealing with the patriarchy in society, Parched somehow stands apart in its approach. It's very interesting to see how these fierce young ladies fight evil and age-old traditions with their will.

Which ones have you already watched? Tell us in the comments below!

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