7 characters played by Sonalee Kulkarni that show her conventional artistry!

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7 characters played by Sonalee Kulkarni that show her conventional artistry!

Marathi cinema's Apsara, Sonalee Kulkarni has played some conventional roles that we loved over the years!

Marathi cinema has contributed a whole lot to the storytelling forte of cinema as a whole. Be it the story's ability to shape shift into the audience's needs or celebrating cultural roots, actors like Sonalee Kulkarni have been at the forefront of this by playing conventional characters that made a cosmic impact. Sonalee Kulkarni has consistently displayed her versatility and depth as an actress whether she's portraying a supportive wife, a strong-willed lover, or a woman on a journey of self-discovery, she brought out the "act" in actress effortlessly.

Starting her career with a cameo on Gadhavach Lagn, the Marathi industry was not ready for the exceptional artist she was going to be. After her debut, she did numerous films and was recognised as the A-lister of Marathi cinema. Then in 2010, the Apsara song from Natarang came out and it changed her career. Through her roles, she has depicted the essence of Marathi life, be it through her portrayals of a village girl, a woman fighting societal norms, or characters deeply rooted in Maharashtrian customs. She created a journey for herself that impacted hundreds of lives.

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These 10 movies highlight Sonalee Kulkarni's exceptional talent!

Natarang (ZEE5)

Sonalee Kulkarni plays Gauri, a village girl who supports her husband in his journey to become a renowned folk dancer. Her portrayal of a devoted and supportive wife showed her versitality and depth in her acting.


Ajintha (Voot)

Ajintha is set in the 19th century and tells a love story between Paro and Robert, a skilled painter and a British soldier. Sonalee's enigmatic portrayal of Paro showcased her ability to bring complexity to her character.


Classmates (Disney+ Hotstar)

Looking back at Sonalee's filmography, no one expected her to a murder mystery. She effectively conveyed a wide range of emotions throughout this film earning her praise from critics.


Hampi (ZEE5)

In this thought-provoking drama, Kulkarni essays the role of Ovi, a young woman on a journey of self-discovery after her marriage fails. Through her nuanced performance, Sonalee portrays Ovi's emotional confusion.


Vicky Velingkar (Prime Video)

After Classmate, Sonalee gave us another taste of a murder mystery where she played Vicky, a comic book artist. Sonalee's quirky and fearless Vicky was widely appreciated, highlighting her ability to bring both humour and intensity to her roles.


Mitwaa (Prime Video)

What's a love story with getting caught in a love triangle? Sonalee impressed us with her portrayal of Shivani, a woman caught in a love triangle in this romantic drama.


Gavthi (Eros Now)

Sonalee played Nandini in Gavthi, a courageous village girl fighting against societal norms. This role demonstrated her ability to bring strength, resilience, and authenticity to her characters.


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