7 films and TV shows that we binged on this September

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7 films and TV shows that we binged on this September

In the midst of so many releases in September, here's our take on some of the films and TV shows that we binged on through the month!

OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, and many more bombarded our screens with content this September. One after the other there were films and TV shows on these platforms that kept us busy with binge-watching. Many out of these were much-awaited movies and new releases. No matter what, these releases definitely fulfilled our need for entertainment and some of them even left us with some valuable moments.

Here are some releases that we also binge-watched through September along with a review. And if you want to go ahead and read the entire review of the film or TV shows, you can find them individually on the website too!

Kota Factory season 2

The Great Indian Rat Race of students in India has been glorified on-screen multiple times. Now, these definitely showcased the struggles of the students but what was really so new in TVF's Kota Factory in 2019? Reliability and reality, and genuinely young age actors playing the role of students. This black and white world of a factory kind of setup continues in the Kota Factory season 2 as well. But what leveled up was that while the students struggle with their studies they also struggle with their mental health and the politics of coaching centers that have turned into industries that solely focus on who wins the race.

And of course Jeetu Bhaiya’s Gyaan!


Sex Education season 3

The coming-of-age teen drama genre is as confusing and experimental as these years are IRL. And in a country like ours where even the word S-E-X is a huge no-no, imagine talking about being educated in sex. Netflix’s Sex Education came as quite the empathetic humourous educator. And now with its third installment, it’s interesting to see the way the show has evolved over the seasons. Sex Education season 3 is just as dramatic and humorous and deals with prickly themes as its previous seasons but it’s leveled up in friendships and growing-up.

And definitely the answer to will they won’t they for Otis and Maeve! 

Mumbai Diaries 26/11

A terrorist attack took place almost 13 years ago in ‘Sapon ka Sher’, Mumbai that brought it to a standstill. It shook the city and the country to its core and it was a terrorizing 60 hours that we hope we never have to relive. And while this attack has been retold many times, it hasn’t ever been told from a medical perspective in the forefront. Maybe after the pandemic, we realize the power and the struggles of everyone who works in medicine. Mumbai Diaries 26/11 tells us the story of the people who look at human bodies and not the character.

This is something that keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout!


Giving the oldest classic supervillains a storyline of their own has become quite the trend and a popular narrative these days. While these characters do offer a chance of deep-diving into the darkest corners of humans that are otherwise unexplored, they also tend to offer sympathy towards the greatest supervillain. Disney’s Cruella is one such movie that gives a sympathetic fashionable makeover in a very Disney style to the classic and quite horrific supervillain who kills puppies aka Dalmatians for fashion.

And of course that accent of Emma Stone with memorable dialogues and her fashion sense!


It’s a trend to re-image every classic tale or tell it with a refreshing new approach that offers this generation some relatability with old stories. While renewing classics is a great way of narrating old stories to the younger generation, it shouldn’t take away the essence of the story in the first place. Cinderella on Amazon Prime Video tries so hard to be the story that fits into the idea of this generation that it almost ruins the classic in itself. Giving every character some depth and taking a woke approach to tell the story is commendable but they do it to a point where it becomes too much!

Though Billy Porter definitely stands out as the Godperson.

Money Heist Part 5 Vol 1

Money Heist is one such series that has mastered the craft of telling us the same narrative again and again without boring us. Over the four seasons, the same pattern has ensued, at first, it really seems like that both the robbers inside the bank and the professor are quite cornered. Then something will happen that will break the Professor free while the chaos is being ensued inside the bank which ends up either hurting and or killing off one of the robbers. And then everyone rises back up to the occasion and fights back. So if you thought that something has changed in this particular part, it’s really not.

We will all miss Tokyo!!!!!....



2020 has been difficult for us all since it came with challenges that we had to brave through aka the pandemic. But one of the scariest things that some of us had to do was living with our parents yet again. Living with parents when we’re still young has its own set of trials and tribulations but when you’re a grown-up who lives away from home, going back to living with your parents is extremely hard. Potluck on Sony LIV is roughly based on these trials and errors of living with your parents when you’re not a teenager anymore. And how this untimely family reunion brings back the feeling of togetherness and understanding!

One thing is for sure you will crave for their food and cutlery! 

What is your take on these films and TV shows, do tell us in the comments below!

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