7 little things that make Mithila Palkar super relatable as a millennial!

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Mithila Palkar

From her viral cup song to her hit show Little Things, here are 7 reasons why we love the energy Mithila Palkar brings on screen and why she feels so relatable to every girl next door who is figuring her life out!

Just like most of us, Mithila Palkar too was a girl from a middle class family who wanted to try her luck in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, she made her mark and how! She first became viral with her cup song ‘Hi chal turu turu’. It was a part of almost every Marathi news channel and put a smile on so many people’s face. After that, she soon bagged Little Things, a show that was completely about to change her life. Her success as an actor came largely from being popular in the OTT world. 

But soon enough, she did many movies as well. Like she mentioned in a interview of hers previously that her motto is as long as she gets to act, the medium or the language doesn't matter and that really goes to show her love for the craft. And this very same motto of hers has helped her make a name for herself in Hindi and Marathi films. Her positive outlook on life, the way she dresses and carries herself has never felt too diva like or alien to us. In fact she’s the one we understood the most in the swarm of star kids who only did quintessential Bollywood movies. 

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Here’s breaking down all of these ‘Little Things’ we love about her and more!

The Cup Song!

We can never get enough of it can we? There’s no way you didn’t try that after watching it on loop!

Her portrayal of Kaavya in Little Things

The fact that so many people can resonate with Kaavya is because she lives like any next door girl would but also voices her opinion for everything that she believes in. Kaavya and Dhruv helped open people’s minds to couples who are in live-in relationships whilst also focusing on building their careers.

We love a strong female friendship!

Mithila and Prajakta Koli are two Marathi mulgis who totally feel like best friend goals in today’s time. I mean it's 2023 and we’re all about lifting each other up and we’ve often seen how these two are each other’s biggest cheerleaders!

Her 'A Little Bit Alexis' dance cover from Schitt's Creek

She won every Schitt's Creek fanatics heart after posting a video of hers on Instagram recreating the same exact dance routine with same panache as Alexis had in 'A Little Bit Alexis'. Her Instagram in general has an extremely fun vibe and she often posts about things that people love and relate to!

Her extremely pretty outfits that most of us would love to adorn!

Her fashion choices are the perfect blend of her girl next door persona and a star who takes over the red carpet with her flawless outfits!

Her love for her Aajoba Aaji (grandparents)!

Grandparents are truly our society's treasure. They always have unconditional love to give and there's so much to learn from them. Mithila has often highlighted this and the way she feels for them is so precious!

Her impactful Ted Talk!

If you're someone who dreams big and wants to grab every opportunity for themselves, then her Ted Talk is the best pep talk you can ever get. The way she narrates her whole journey and the hard work that she has put in to achieve her dreams, without really planning anything meticulously will definitely leave you motivated!

Here's wishing this joyful and fabulous girl inside out a very Happy Birthday!

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