7 podcasts that make you feel understood as a queer person

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7 podcasts that make you feel understood as a queer person

These podcasts not only provide a safe space for queer people but also make them feel validated and celebrated in their unique identities.

As a queer person, I have always wanted to be seen instead of hiding from others. I've wanted to flaunt my sexuality in the most beautiful way possible and queer media played a huge part in making me understand myself better and clearer. While watching movies about being gay or a show where a dysfunctional family faces difficulties accepting their kid, I found solace and tons of representation for me and my community. And the same goes for queer podcasts. These serve as a powerful medium for queer individuals to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives. By simply amplifying diverse voices, these podcasts create spaces of understanding, support, and empowerment.

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Make the most of this Pride Month by adding more queer podcasts to your daily routine


Cameron Esposito's podcast, Queery features intimate and insightful conversations with notable LGBTQIA+ guests. Esposito delves into diverse topics, including identity, relationships, and activism.


Kathy Tu and Tobin Low, the podcast hosts through their podcast, touch upon relationships, politics, pop culture, and history, emphasising the importance of visibility and representation.

The Log Books

The Log Books delves into the diaries of queer individuals from the 20th century. Host Benjamin Scheuer uncovers personal accounts that chronicle the joys, struggles, and secret lives of queer individuals during a time of societal repression.


LGBTQ+A features interviews with notable LGBTQIA+ personalities, including activists, artists, and influencers. This podcast offers a platform for insightful conversations on a wide range of queer experiences and issues.

Food 4 Thot

Food 4 Thot fearlessly explores desire, sex, race, and identity, providing a platform for queer writers and artists to discuss taboo topics within the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Read

The Read is a podcast of two queer individuals who share their comedic and unapologetic take on pop culture, news, and life. While not solely focused on LGBTQIA+ topics, their unique perspective as black queer individuals offers valuable insight on issues affecting the community.

Making Gay History

Making Gay History is a podcast that delves into pivotal moments in LGBTQIA+ history through archival interviews and personal stories. Eric Marcus in this podcast showcases the struggles and triumphs of LGBTQIA+ pioneers, activists, and unsung heroes.

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