This 93-years-old reuniting with her daughter is the cutest thing on the internet

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93-years-old reuniting

Take a look at this beautiful video of a 93-years-old reuniting with her daughter after spending 70 days in a nursing home due to COVID19.

The pandemic has cause stress and damage to several aspects all across the globe. Coronavirus has also affected many elderly people due to lowered immunity. Officials around the world had asked for the elderly to be taken special care of during this crisis. This has resulted in many people forced to live alone or in a nursing home. Many of those in self-isolation haven't had a chance the chance to meet their loved as they are forced to follow the social distancing guidelines. However, a recent video of an elderly woman's reunion has the Internet melting. The video features, Dirce Villas Boas, a resident of Sao Paulo, the sire with the largest number of COVID19 cases in Brazil. She had been living in a nursing home away from her family as a precautionary measure. After spending 70 days, the 93-years-old finally met her daughter and got the chance to hug her thanks to a hug curtain. A local businessman, Bruno Zani, created the hug curtain. The curtain has a hole with a plastic sleeve that lets families hug and touch their loved ones as people practice social distancing during these times. The video of the 93-years-old reuniting with her daughter has gone viral and people can't stop smiling.

Take a look:

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