A Boy Called Christmas, a Netflix Christmas film that takes you on an emotional-magical ride into the origin story of Christmas and leaves your heart full of hope!

Christmas is one such festival that brings cheer with hope and magic in a red cap with a snow-capped ball on top. It is that time of the year where you truly feel magical and your heart is full of hope. But what is it that actually started this magical-hopeful festival? This is what A Boy Called Christmas on Netflix tells you. The film is an origin story of the festival that is all too magical but also very emotional and hopeful. It is filled with a stellar star-cast and leaves you all fuzzy, warm and emotional. There is a family of three kids and a father who is living in Britain who has recently lost their mum and is trying to cope with the grief. And that’s when their auntie grandmother pays them a visit during Christmas and narrates an old wives tale.

The film finds itself in a perfect balance of reality and magic. But what will encapture your heart and leave your heart warm is the way the film deals with grief over a loss of a beloved one. And how hope and belief are all the strength that we need to fix everything else that is wrong with our world. This young boy goes on a journey towards a magical land to find his father and some answers. En route, he encounters various happenings in the snow-capped mountains and ends giving the world what it’s in dire need of- Hope! I guess what’s so special about this film was the way it weaves a magical fictional story into something that starts to feel all too real.

Enjoy this film with a hot cup of cocoa and some tissues cause it’s going to leave your heart feeling warm and all magically fuzzy. Starring Jim Broadbent, Maggie Smith, Sally Hawkins, Michiel Huisman, Toby Jones, and of course lovely young boy called Henry Lawfull. Directed by Gil Kenan It is currently streaming on Netflix

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