#12DaysOfChristmasMovies: Single All The Way on Netflix is as warm as hot cocoa on a cold morning

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Single All The Way

Netflix's Christmas film, Single All The Way is everything we want from a good-old rom-com while your own single self struggles to deal with all the relationship advice this season.

Christmas movies have their own charm and if these movies are rom-coms, it just adds to the vibe of the season. Families getting together, twinkly lights taking over the background, everything looking pretty and beautiful with mistletoes hanging around giving the lead characters a reason to kiss, Netflix decided to join in on this holiday charm by giving the viewers what they want, more Christmas movies. And if a cute love story is what you're looking for while you snuggle with your beau, then Netflix's Single All The Way should make it to your next watch.

Directed by Michael Mayer, Single All The Way is everything you need during the holidays - a celebration of love. The movie revolves around Peter, a social media manager working in the dream city of Los Angeles, and his failing love life. For someone who always ends up being the single sibling before every Christmas get-together, his family spends most of their energy in setting him up with someone. And when Peter (Michael Urie) still has no one to go with for Christmas he convinces his best friend and roommate, Nick (Philemon Chambers) to be his pretend boyfriend for his trip home. But he ends up getting a surprise from his mother when she sets him up with her spinning and skiing instructor.

It's a light-hearted, fun movie with a happy ending. Everything about Peter shouts typical when he's introduced like working in LA with super handsome models and living with his friend who understands him more than anyone. The movie is all about how evident the spark between the two is with everyone around them noticing it but them. And when he begs him to act like they finally got together in front of his family who's always rooted for them, we all know how it's going to end. The whole purpose of the blind date is solely so that Peter realizes his love for Nick.

What makes this movie lovable is Netflix manages to create a love story centered around a gay couple that's sweet and cozy without any unnecessary drama, even after Peter's breakup with his boyfriend. Despite them going back to his small hometown, Bridgewater, the story navigates from including the anguish of a homophobic society and keeps its focus on family and people who love them. But we cannot ignore the efforts that Peter's mom takes in learning more about the LGBTQIA+ community. It's everything you expect from a sweet, corny love story that you'd enjoy while you're all warm and fuzzy under your blanket with the house filled with the smell of the Christmas tree, boozy cake, and fairy lights.

We love Peter's house plants, Linda and Judith among all the other plants in his LA house!

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