A guide to Pride LIVE Fest 2.0 by Social Ketchup and Local Samosa

Shachi Lavingia
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The Pride LIVE Fest 2021 is finally here and we're so elated to listen in on panel discussions and educate ourselves.

Social Ketchup along with Local Samosa is back with the second edition of Pride LIVE Fest on June 18 aka today! This super fun event is going to be an amalgamation of interesting and informative panel discussions like Legal Way: Know your rights and how can you get the legal help, Global Practices that India can adopt, Gender Neutral Fashion, What not to ask a queer person, Life on social Media: Are platforms becoming inclusive?, Discussing Portrayal in Indian Entertainment Industry and Drag in the Digital Age and fun performances by Patruni Shastry, Teenasai Balamu, a make-up tutorial by Ayush Rajani and a stand-up act by Navin Noronha.

We've partnered with BBlunt, Vahdam, AYA, Bewakoof, Six Degrees, The Qknit, Sugar Rush Media House, Sahodari Foundation, Dragvanti, Swahbava, Sangama, KSF and Nazariya for this event. Now all we're looking forward to is your presence!

Check out the line-up along with the panelist details right here!


See you at 2 pm!

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