Here's all the extraordinary speakers and performers of Pride Live Fest '21

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performers of Pride Live Fest '21

Have a look at all the talented and insightful speakers and performers of Pride Live Fest '21 which will happen on Jun 18th, 2021.

For years we have been hearing and witnessing members of the LGBTQA+ community marching through their struggles to find a better way to live. They have been always part of society, but never considered or completely ignored their right to have a normal life. It is with the struggles and sacrifices of thousands that many of the members of the community today are able to raise their voices and live openly as their true self. As people who are not part of the community, at times we have very less or no knowledge about the things that are wrong, ignorant and difficult for the community. For any discussion around an important topic to become valuable we need more people from the community to speak and share their experiences. Social Ketchup and Local Samosa aims at highlighting such issues with the 2nd edition of Pride LIVE Fest. With an incredible line-up of speakers and performers from the community, the event hopes to start conversations around topics while educating people about the same. These speakers and performers of Pride Live Fest '21 are members of the LGBTQ+ community and work closely for the betterment of the same.

We are excited and honoured to have each one of them come together with Social Ketchup and Local Samosa to create a platform for genuine, insightful conversations.

Take a look at all the participants who are a part of the Pride LIVE fest:

We’re geared up to be creating this wholesome experience for you. So, join in with enthusiasm, positive vibes, and love. Click here to register yourself for the Pride LIVE fest!

For any queries, partnership or participation requests for Pride LIVE Fest, drop us an email on

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