Directed by Chris and Nick Riedell, A Nice Girl Like You is far too superficial to ever touch upon anything real, including its one-dimensional narrative on men, women, and sex.

Given the rarity of chic flicks on OTT platforms, A Nice Girl Like You sounded so promising but turned out to be an immature and half-baked adaptation of a self-help book, Pornology written by Ayn Carrillo-Gailey in 2007. This rom-com is poorly written and portrays the protagonist as an uptight violinist without ever really delving into the why’s behind it all.

Cast – Even Lucy Hall as Lucy couldn’t save this bland comedy. This whitewashed version of Lucy almost makes her character seem dumb. The script does no justice to Jackie Cruz, Adhir Kalyan, Mindy Cohn, Leonidas Gulaptis, and Stephen Friedrich as they’re left playing stereotypical roles throughout the film

Storyline – After being dumped by her boyfriend for thinking of groceries in the middle of sex and being a ‘pornophobic’, Lucy decides to prove him wrong by making a sex to-do list, loaded with ideas like attending sex seminars and meeting a porn star, most of which almost seems monotonous. She bumps into Grant at a wedding and keeps bumping into him after that while she’s checking things off her sex list. Her idea of self-discovery is watching threesomes with her friends and going to a sex toy party with them with absolutely no interest in what’s happening around her. This ends with Grant helping Lucy complete her list and the two of them live happily ever after.

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What I didn’t quite like – This film really lacks soul! Lucy thinks of groceries and her to-do list in the middle of sex. Why? Your guess is as good as mine since this isn’t touched upon throughout the 1 hour 34 minutes of this sex-themed comedy that isn’t funny and has a very narrow approach towards sex. For a movie that’s entirely based on the woman proving that she isn’t a prude, A Nice Girl Like You doesn’t capture her sexual or emotional journey in the least. The self-discovery we’re promised in the trailer looks more like a mindless to-do list that you carry to the bazaar.

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