Friday Streaming - I Care a Lot. on Netflix is wildly entertaining and downright terrifying

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I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot. has all the makings of a perfect thriller that leaves you mind-boggled throughout the 1 hour 58 mins!

Cleverly written and directed by J Blakeson, I Care a Lot. has everything you'd want out of a movie - a fabulous plot, dialogues that don't feel overwritten, talented actors and so much suspense. Just when you think you've understood the film, it leaves you with yet another, "One sec, whaaat!"

Cast - Rosamund Pike is phenomenal as Marla Grayson. Her tenacity is so spot-on, that it leaves you rooting for her in spite of her being exquisitely nasty. It's no surprise that she won best comedy actress at the Golden Globes for this performance. Peter Dinklage as Roman Lunyov was not terrifying in the least. After watching him as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, I think he's set the bar too high even for himself!

Storyline - Marla Grayson is a court-appointed legal guardian who looks after the elderly when they're unable to look after themselves, except she decides precisely who is unable to look after themselves based on their age, whether or not they have 'next of kin' and their financial standing. What's next? She seizes their assets and takes control of their finances in the name of helping those who can't help themselves because she cares a lot! Marla's newest prey turns out to be the mother of a Russian mobster who will stop at nothing to free his mother.

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What I liked - This black comedy has an airtight plot, one that will leave you rooting for the bad guys! I Care a Lot. is so smooth that it's terrifying especially when it's tapping into elder abuse and dementia. Rosamund Pike's performance as the uncaring legal guardian is worth watching over and over again. Marla Grayson and Roman Lunyov being a lost cause is what makes this film so beguiling.

What I didn't quite like - The judge seemed to be too gullible and that felt rather unrealistic given the seriousness of the film. I wish Eiza González as Fran had a more fleshed-out role instead of being limited to Marla's assistant and lover.

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