Twitter has a few things to say about AADHAAR Verdict and we're not saying they're funny, but they're funny!

Paawan Sunam
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AADHAAR Verdict memes

AADHAAR Verdict memes are here. We repeat, AADHAAR Verdict memes are here! 

Supreme Court's current verdict on AADHAAR states that it can't be mandatory for bank accounts, SIM cards, school admissions. The internet's natives had a few things to say about it. And as expected what they're saying is downright funny! That's right, we said it! 

Section 57 AADHAAR Act is a unique identification, every citizen of India needs to retain and previously was mandatory for chores like opening a bank account, owning a SIM Card and more, but not anymore.

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People who went through the processes previously obligatory like linking your SIM Card to AADHAAR are agitated and are taking out through a few puns, memes, and jokes obviously. What happened next will not blow your mind, just make you laugh, a little or lot if you like memes!

From Ganesh Gaitonde to Abhijeet of C.I.D 0 everyone found some space in the AADHAAR Verdict memes doing rounds on social media.

AADHAAR Verdict memes might not ease the pain of those who have already gone through all the pain of linking, but hey, laughing might help.

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