Actor Aahana Kumra called out for being 'Brownface' in her tribute to cricketer Jhulan Goswami

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Aahana Kumra

Although Aahana Kumra was pure in her intention, wanting to celebrate the cricketer Jhulan Goswami in her own way, it did not quite fit with the Netizens.

Indian Actor Aahana Kumra who has been part of some very notable movies and web shows decided to pay her tribute to Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami but things did not go as planned. The actor did a photoshoot for photographer Bhushan Kumar where she dressed up like the cricketer. While the wig and costume were fine, the actor went overboard and painted herself dark to look like the player.

Here's Aahana Kumra's post:

She captioned the post saying, "No I'm not promoting any film. This is purely a tribute to a woman I admire the most after spending time with her and learning her whole story about her journey, her hardships and her passion for the sport!." Although she received praise from the player, the internet did not take it quite well. People called her out for her "unnecessarily darker skin" describing his as atrocious.

The practice of 'brown face' in Bollywood is sadly considered acceptable and appreciated. Actors consider it to be part of being a method actor. But the whole practice is wrong on so many levels. For a country that has a population of dark skin, fairness brands have damaged the beauty of the skin tone enough. Even in the western, we have seen Prime Ministers being criticised for wearing dark skin as a costume in the past. And Bollywood, unfortunately still continues with the practice. Bhumi Padnekar's role in Ayushmann Khurrana's Bala is the most recent example of this atrocious practice. Although Aahana's intention was pure and not a part of any film her way of celebrating the cricketer, the execution was bad. And it did not quite fit with the Netizens. The actor had to turn off her comment section.

Check out what netizens had to say about that:

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