Aamir Khan: the pioneer of playing unconventional roles with ease!

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Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan or the man best known as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ in Bollywood, brought in a new wave of unique and fun stories in Indian cinema when he shifted from rom-coms to stories that mattered!

We're all well aware that there are ‘3 Khans’ who rule Bollywood and they have a massive fan following but each one of them has carved a niche for himself. If Salman is known for his larger than life action and Shahrukh is known for his romance then Aamir Khan is known for acing roles that are seemingly unconventional but he plays it with such perfection that it never feels out of the ordinary, in fact, it is more entertaining than ever. He debuted in 1988 with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak which was so loved by the audience and they were ready to accept a new Bollywood hero. Since then, in the span of his 30 year old vast career, his filmography consists of every genre you can think of! He went on to give really successful films at the box office like Dil, Raja Hindustani and Sarfarosh for which he even won many awards. 

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Most of his films stay true to the fact that they never get old no matter how many times you watch them! Andaz Apna Apna, a hilarious two hero film he did along with Salman became such a huge part of our pop culture or Dil Chahta Hai which he starred in along with more of his fellow contemporaries, Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna and it became a cult classic film literally for generations to come. It was a vision board for every group who has ever wanted to plan a Goa trip. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander was the perfect teen rom-com that we lacked during that era and Pehla Nasha became the face of confessing feelings to your loved one. 

In 1999, he started his own banner Aamir Khan Productions, under which he produced his first film Lagaan and it went on to become a mega blockbuster. Mangal Pandey and Rang De Basanti added to his list of films that ignited a sense of patriotism amongst the audience because it was so well portrayed by him. On the other hand, movies like Fanaa and Ghajini spoke about incomplete love and couples who deserved a better ending. 

But his unconventional roles are what truly gave him the perfectionist stamp. His collaboration with genius filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani in 3 Idiots spoke about our education system and passed the message of doing what you love in the most heartwarming way possible. PK was his second time reuniting with the filmmaker and the movie questioned social issues that are so relevant in today’s time. That's the thing about Aamir Khan movies, they make you smile, laugh, cry, all in the span of 2 hours. Dangal was another movie that had the whole country whistling in the theatres. His character where he plays a father who not only supported his girls but pushed them to the best of their abilities resonated with so many fathers who have a girl child. 

We cried while watching Taare Zameen Par, and that was probably the first time we truly learnt what life looked like for someone who had Dyslexia. And how we can be more kind or empathetic towards people who need it. But his versatility also extends to the point where he has done movies where the plot thickens at every point such as Talaash. 

He didn't restrict this to the big screen. Via his show Satyamev Jayate, he spoke about much needed and important social issues that needed more conversations such as domestic violence, female foeticide, the kind of demeaning language used in item songs where he actually brought in leading ladies from the industry to discuss it. He truly became a voice for concerns that needed to be addressed.

Today, after years of hard work and contributing so much to Indian cinema, he is considered as one of the most iconic actors of our era and someone who will always have an interesting story to tell when we press play on any movie of his!

Happiest Birthday to this living legend! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to watch perfection on screen!

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