Aanam C shows how strong she is by being vulnerable with her online family

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Aanam C

Aanam C took to her Instagram to talk about her miscarriage, and people cannot stop praising her for the strength she showed to be vulnerable online.

Life is not always the sparkling, glittering movie that has all the happy moments. It has its share of heartbreaking incidences that make us appreciate, question, and look for hope in our small human life. It is the same for our creators and when they decide to share their tragedies with us, it makes us stop and wonder about life too. Aanam C, who has been a major part of the creator community, decided to open up about one of the recent adversities that occurred in her life. The creator went through a devastating miscarriage and made the decision to talk about it with her online audience. While sharing the same she didn't miss out on mentioning all the support, love and constant reminders that she received from her husband, friends and family.

Aanam realized that despite having everyone at her disposal, looking after her, caring for her and reminding her of all the good that is in her life, she felt quite alone. It was this realization that made her want to share it with more people who may have been through the same phase.

For anyone who would wonder why she shared something this personal online, she answered it herself. "Because I think it'll help me heal," she said. Being a content creator, Aanam has lived her life as an open book online. Sharing all her successes, failures, new adventures and milestones, she has made sure to keep her online family updated on everything happening in her life. She wanted to share her story so she would take all the love and prayers her online family has to share so she could share her too.

Secondly, and most importantly, she wanted to share the story so anyone who might have gone through the same grief as her would know that they are not alone. Having experienced the shame that women carry with them for something that they had no control over showed her the devastating side of society. Aanam wanted to break the chain and be the one who spoke about her own story so they can move past and find a sister hood to heal with.

From women supporting women to people sharing their grief, people have been showering their support and admiration to Aanam on social media. People are amazed by her ability to talk about her grief with them and include them in these hard times of her life. There were also some who ended up sharing their own story. They wanted her to know that despite the incomprehensible circumstance, all she can do now is trust the process and not loose hope.

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Sharing all our love and support to you Aanam.

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