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Aaron Aamir

Indian young DJ and music producer Aaron Aamir is living his dreams and making music.

Music is the language of the soul and it connects with everyone. There is nothing more important in life than having good music to listen to along with musicians to create them. Thankfully for us music lovers, there are many emerging artists who have dedicated their lives to making good music while living their dreams to do so. Indian artists, young DJ, and music producer Aaron Aamir is one among them who has given the internet some of their favorite music.

According to Aaron the verse 'He doesn't need his name up in lights, He just wants to be heard whether it's the beat or the mic' pretty much sums up his life as an artist. For an engineering student to decide to take the chance and live his dream, Aaron has become a successful music producer creating trends and making the world dance to his sick beats.

Aaron graduated from Bangalore with a degree in civil engineering but his DJ-ing journey began at the age of 17. The one thing that kept him motivated was spending hours writing lyrics, rapping and continuing his passion for music. "The first piece I created was in 2015. A few people asked what the hell this guy was doing because I was studying B.Tech at the time and nobody expected me to do this. I did my first gig in Bangalore in 2015 for 100/day for six months, then was offered a permanent residency at 12,000 per month for a year. As a DJ, I delved into music production later."

From scribbling down his thoughts to creating his own single Aaron has definitely grown as an artist and he is quite proud of his journey. He became an internet favorite especially after his mashup Stay x Ranjha. People went crazy and began sharing Reels using this audio. His composition was not only appreciated by the audience and also by other big music composers like Sonu Nigam, Sony Music, and Bpraak himself. Not to forget one of his early accomplishments when he was crowned as a second runner-up at a DJ competition in Oman.

He gatecrashed the music industry with his first single Body And Love. The song that happens to be his debut single became a chartbuster after its release. But like any other artist, Aaron had his doubts before putting the song out. It was the support from his friends and family that motivated him. Apart from the people in his life, it was the artist David Quetta who inspired the kind of music he wants to create. "David Quetta is my biggest inspiration and idol. When he performs the kind of response that he gets from the crowd is just priceless and amazing to witness, and that's why I decided to make Body & Love happen. I personally love his music because it gets me in the mood. I like his blend of music." He then went on to work on another song and he came up with ‘Loco Loco’ that became a hit.

He is also one of the few Indian musicians who has performed with Tomorrowland Artists receiving international recognition for his work. This has helped him in experimenting with his music and creating his own unique masterpiece. His upcoming project also happens to be a mix of sounds and beats from around the world. He plans to make it a mix of Indi-Electronic, Indi-Afro beats, Moombahton, and Punjabi trap. "Touring abroad not only gained exposure but also generated a very good fanbase over time."

For a person who works with different genres of music, he makes it an effort to work with his favorite kind of music genre. Aaron has included Latino, electronic music, as well as an Indian afro mix for his soon-to-be-released songs. "This is because I have always loved to experiment with different types of music, and I am proud to be known as a versatile music producer. Music is my greatest love so I enjoy all kinds of music depending on my mood, I guess it's the same for everyone."

When talking about the music itself he has a lot to talk about. Aaron believes that his musical expression of emotions is 200 percent more effective than any other. He knows that there are many kinds of music: the music of happiness, music of sadness, angry music, music of love, etc., and recognizes how each can be conveyed to the listeners. "No matter if you are a composer or listener music plays a significant role in our lives. It keeps us calm, I believe. I am fortunate enough to be able to create my own music, and my emotions also motivate me to create great music. That's because only when you feel it, is when you can truly mean it."

As a music producer, Aaron also understands the importance of the rising popularity of short-video platforms like Reels. Considering he himself became popular among the online audiences through his mashup Slay x Ranjha is things that these platforms are extremely helpful. “In any case, long content leaves people bored, and it is very difficult to keep an audience engaged. We all unknowingly judge a book by its cover, even if we say not to.” He says that reels are like a trailer for any artists’ work. “If people liked it, they would keep checking back to see what you have done today.”

Recently, one of my mashups, Stay x Ranjha, went super viral and also received praise from many Bollywood celebrities and many other well-known influencers, helping me reach a very wide audience. If you have the right content, you can reach millions of people in a minute

If you could collaborate with any artist, Indian and internationally, who would that be?

"It would be an honour to collaborate with Badshah one day. The man has a unique style and music that I love. I find him to be really cool and I think we'd get along if we meet. His music has all of India tapping their feet.

As mentioned internationally, David Guetta is my inspiration and my dream collaboration. I hope that one day I will also get a crowd clapping for me and dancing to my beat as they do on his music. There is a lot I can learn from him." 

If your life was a song, which song would it be?

"Remember the name - Fort Minor. The song is about an artist's journey, his struggle. Initially, I was expected to be a civil engineer, and it was difficult for me to convince people about my dream and abilities. Essentially, the song is telling you to follow your dream rather than the money and you will succeed. It resonated with me greatly.  We should always pursue what we want and never give up on our dreams."

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