Let’s celebrate Aashna on her birthday by recognising and appreciating her posts on body positivity and self-acceptance.

Influencers have more things to provide than just great outfit inspiration and helping us revamp our closets. They’ve become the digital representation of our small insecurities and fears! These creators hold a place on a platform that makes them relatable and closer to our lives. We tend to see ourselves when we look at these digital celebrities, which is also the reason behind them becoming more popular on these platforms. There are a number of creators breaking stereotypes and making statements that encourage self-love. Indian fashion influencer, Aashna Bhagwani is one of them.

For years, we’ve seen people being subjected to ridiculous beauty standards and being demeaned for not fitting into this box. They’ve been shamed repeatedly, adding to their deteriorating mental health. However, creators like Aashna are making an effort to change this narrative surrounding fashion. She’s been talking about body positivity, inspiring people to look at beauty with a broader mind. Aashna’s doing her bit to change how people look at themselves and what they should or shouldn’t consider as ‘ideal’. She’s an advocate of ‘everybody is different and yet beautiful in their own way’. With her own series ‘Breaking The Myth with Aashna’, she’s trying multiple ways to convey the message.

On her birthday, we made a list of some of these to appreciate her work in changing the narrative.

Happy birthday, Aashna!

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