These creator collab videos by Karan Sonawane have a separate fan base of their own

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Karan Sonawane

Karan has collaborated with a bunch of creators online, and on his birthday today, we made a list of some of our favourites that you just cannot miss.

Collaboration videos are what's helping creators put their best foot forward in each video. Individual creators meet up to create content together, adding their individual perspectives and their magic to it. Various sets of creator groups are becoming more and more popular online and among them is Karan Sonawane and his friends who are bringing out their craziness on screen. He's collaborated with a bunch of other creators giving us more reason to spend time online.

Karan can easily become anyone's favourite given how comical he is as a character. He can handle comedy and make fun of himself. It's hard to keep a straight face while watching his videos. He's so expressive that he has subconsciously become a scale to measure a person's expressions. "On a scale from 1 to Karan, how many expressions can you bring to your face?" Over time, he's collaborated with a lot of creators who have made a name for themselves online. But with Karan by their side, we sadly tend to focus more on Karan's performance instead, because he's just that good! We made a list of some of our favourites that needs a separate mention!

Check out these videos:

Obviously all of his videos with Neel

Saurabh Ghadge


Shantanu Rangnekar

Viraj Ghelani

Sidhant Sarfare

Shubham Jadhav

Ayush Mehra

The whole Dombivili squad

Happy Birthday, Karan!

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