Dev Raj Patel steals the show with his small appearance in Dhindora

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Dev Raj Patel

‘Dil se acha lagta hai bhai apko Dhindora me dekhke.’ Fans are appreciating Dev Raj Patel making an appearance in Bhuvan Bam’s Dhindora.

Every group chat, every Instagram post has that person who is always on their toes to react to anything and everything with a meme. And if they are met with even the smallest inconvenience or are left hanging, the face of the internet’s favourite Dev Raj Patel pops up and we know what that means. Among all the people who became a viral sensation, Dev stood out for calling out his haters on one of his videos in the most heartwarming way. His video in reaction to the negative comments became viral making it to the popular memes list. Today, it's impossible to not react and share his meme when someone hurts us.

While the kid has become a part of our everyday social media scroll, he put on his acting caps and made his debut in Bhuvan Bam's new series Dhindora. The new Youtube original series created by one of India's top Youtubers has become a hit among fans already. While BB fans were happy to see their favourite internet family come back onscreen, they were also surprised to see their favourite meme face become a part of it. Dev Raj shared his excitement about becoming a part of the series on Twitter and we're super proud and happy too.

Here's how fans reacted:

Watch the first episode here:

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