8 times Aashna Shroff proved that she's an OG content creator who has been with us since the dawn of time!

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Aashna Shroff

Here's to the fashion influencer who helped us oomph up our wardrobe with her styling tips and hacks! Happy birthday, Aashna Shroff!

The creator pool has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. The effort of finding a fashion blogger for some fashion inspo has gone down to zero because of the amount of content available today. But while all these new creators end up on our explore page, there's someone who has always been a part of our home page. One of the OG fashion influencers who gave us a new meaning on how we can pair the simplest pieces of our wardrobe and create a sophisticated stylish outfit is Aashna Shroff.

A face of elegant and refined style, Aashna has been in the fashion business for a long time. She has become a brand and is considered an essential source for any of our fashion queries. We love visiting her page and engaging with her posts. We believe it when she shares her 'woke up like this' pajama pictures and anticipates her travels because we get to see her airport looks. From killing it in her power suits to leaving us jaw-dropped in her stunning, showstopper couture, Aashna is and will always be one of our favorite fashion influencers.

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Here are some of her posts that prove the same!

She's nothing less than a cover girl

She's also effortlessly beautiful in her PJs

Our queen of airport looks

Who is also the hottest girl in the world

The world is her runway, and we concur

She is giving glamour, she is giving outfit goals!

Watch out Disney, we have a princess in town

She ate it and left no crumbs

Happy birthday, Aashna!

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