Aashram season 3 starring Bobby Deol and Esha Gupta released on MX Player on June 3 and the Janta had a lot of opinions about it!

After a wait of two years, the crime drama, Aashram season 3 has returned to the audience but it has been renamed to ‘Ek Badnaam…Aashram.’ Unlike its first two seasons which were released in 2020, a few months apart from each other, Aashram season 3’s new title clearly suggests that Aashram is now a bad place that has become the hub for many malpractices. The place is run by the corrupt Baba Nirala played by Bobby Deol along with his faithful sidekick, Bhopa Swami played by Chandan Roy Sanyal. The two have built a criminal empire under the pretense of it being a spiritual organization. This season picks up after the previous one where Pammi played by Aaditi Pohankar, is seeking revenge from the Baba after being abused by him. We also see a new addition to the cast in season 3, Esha Gupta plays Sonia, a hot-shot brand manager who promises to polish the Baba’s image no matter what. The show is written by Habib Faisal and directed by Prakash Jha, two very well-known storytellers of the industry.

Aashram season 3 revolves around the Baba’s greed for power and how the Aashram adapts to the changing political scenario that it’s set in. Other characters that are pivotal to the story include Darshan Kumar as Ujagar Singh and Anupriya Goenka as Dr. Natasha, the cop and the doctor who want to put a stop to the Aashram’s evil crimes. While the Janta’s reviews for Season 3 started pouring in, the show already gave us a teaser for Season 4 at the end.

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