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Aatman Desai

We get to know more about Aatman Desai in today's Friday follow and his journey in creating music and entertaining content.

The path that you may have chosen may not always be the one you might continue in, and most of the lives of our favorite content creators act as proof of that. We have seen people go in to have a degree or even pursue something only for them to end up having a different career. Most of this shift happens from them finally following what they love and giving their everything to succeed in it. Musician and content creator Aatman Desai is doing just that, and we are loving his journey so far.

Aatman belongs to the long list of artists who have an education before pursuing a life they love. He is someone who has a computer engineer and a music programmer degree. Despite having a degree as an engineer, he found his calling and has now become a known face on the digital platform. And this online journey is as colorful as it gets.

He started off by sharing his love for music with his audience. He uploaded covers of his favorite songs playing the guitar as a way of continuing his love for art. But now, Aatman has shifted his career and is now trying to focus on his music full time while also tapping on other ways to engage with his audience. Today he is known not just for his music but also for his hilarious content around memes and comedy. "I used to upload covers, then memes, then reels. Once one went viral, there was no looking back!"

Although comedy was not something that he started off with, he has developed himself as a content creator with his hilarious bits. Aatman sure knows how to tickle our funny bones when it comes to finding things that can relate to his audience. He has been putting up content around comedy and memes for a while now and has seen himself grow in it. He thinks that comedy has changed, only for the better. "Now I know more - of what works and what doesn’t with my audience - than I used to, say, a year ago."

Each of his video is better because of how close to home they feel. We know that each of his thoughts holds a place in our own lives and that we have had that thought at some point. When asked what his ideation process looks like, Aatman said, "Honestly, there’s no specific process. There will be days when I’ll get a million ideas and then there will be days when I won’t get any. Forcing a process gives me a lot of pressure. I like to allow ideas to come to me naturally." He believes that he, as a content creator, has also evolved over time. He recognizes the popularity of short-video platforms and the impact that it has had on his own content. According to him, "I personally feel I’ve become funnier. And also, now I know what my audience appreciates and enjoys, and what they don’t."

Being part of the social media world, he, as a creator himself, tries his best to follow as many trends as possible. Knowing what brings traction to his own page and what his audience love is something that Aatman, like many creators, makes a note of when creating content. For the same reason, he makes sure to give each trend a twist of his own when recreating them. Making sure that he do not end up doing what everyone else is doing is of utmost importance to him. One such video that he created while jumping on the trends was 'the one with the south Indian waiter saying “chhoti bachchi ho kya?” The video was loved by his audience and also happens to be one of his favorites too.

Apart from following trends, he also makes sure to keep a tab on his fellow creators and enjoy the content that they create. He has a list of favorites among these and finds it unfair to pick from them as his favorite. And over time, being part of his community is not the only best thing that he finds when it comes to social media. Finding self-satisfaction in what it does has been one major plus of his online career. But among all these pluses, he also recognizes the constant pressure of delivering that comes with it and deals with it in his own way.

Who are the people that you look up to find inspiration?

Everyone that I personally know has inspired me every now and then. My friends, family, everyone physically and emotionally around me.

A quote that always motivates you.

“Thoughts to things”

Have you received any DM from your followers that stayed with you?

A voice note by a 5yr old sent me “Aatmeme I really love your videos. I’m very curious to see you in person.. can you pls video call me?”

If you had to describe your hopes for 2022?

Trusting the process, going with the flow!

Do check out his page on Instagram to keep yourself updated on his content.

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