8 characters played by Shahid Kapoor who have us yearning for his lover boy era!

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Shahid Kapoor

Before dark movies like Kabir Singh and Udta Punjab, Shahid Kapoor was the go-to actor for rom-coms and we feel his feel-good characters desperately need to make an on-screen comeback!

If you’re an early 2000s kid, there’s no way you went about your life without having a massive crush on Shahid Kapoor. The clean shaven look with the long hair, white t-shirt and slick jeans, he sounds like someone Taylor Swift would sing about in her songs. And he really was that dreamy ideal type for so many of us! Be it his irresistible charm on-screen, the way his characters felt straight out of a romance novel, or just the way he effortlessly danced like it was a piece of cake, there was just so much love about him. While he has been experimenting with his roles in movies like Kabir Singh, Haider, Udta Punjab since the past few years, which received acclaim in their own ways, what we truly miss is the lover boy that he was known for. The minute someone mentions his name, the first thought that comes to mind isn’t of him in a beard, smoking a cigarette, it's of his signature smile that we all grew up watching in his romantic films!

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Here’s a list of his favorite lover boy roles we wish he did more of!

Aditya - Jab We Met

Aditya has to be at the top of the list. If there was a school for lover boys, he’d be the greenest flag ever. He learnt to fall in love with life again through Geet’s infectious energy. He loved her truly and unconditionally for the chaotic mess she was but if you look at her through his eyes, she was just a pure bundle of joy. Aditya is a character for the books, you’d still see him pop up in every romantic trend/slider on social media, which just shows that we aren’t getting over him anytime soon!


Prem - Vivaah

Prem embodied purity in his heart. It wasn’t Poonam’s outer beauty that he fell for, it was her personality and what she stood for as a person. Which is why even after her fatal accident, he loved her just the same. 


Jeetum- Chup Chup Ke

Chup Chup Ke was a rom-com through and through. He lands himself in a situation where comical incidents occur one after the other and he accidentally finds love in the middle of all of that!


Raj - 36 China Town

Raj was literally Priya’s partner in crime. He went above and beyond to save her from getting framed from a murder she had no part in. The film was a romantic-thriller and Shahid contributed to both genres in the story pretty well!


Rajiv Mathur - Ishq Vishq 

Ishq Vishq was Shahid Kapoor’s debut film. It was a quintessential Bollywood rom-com which appealed a lot to the younger audiences at that point. It was the establishment of the fact that a new chocolate boy has arrived in the industry and he's here to melt hearts!

Ishq Vishq

Raj - Kismat Konnection

He believed the girl he was falling in love with was lucky for him in every aspect of his life. This serendipity kind of love and romance had us rooting for the two till the very end of the film.


Sameer - Chance Pe Dance

Shahid was always known for his amazing dancing skills and this film is a treat for all his fans who just cannot get enough of his songs. In the film, he plays Sameer, a struggling actor who enters a nationwide talent hunt show after meeting Tina who changes his life for the better. 


Rahul - Paathshala

This character might not be the typical lover boy era. Nevertheless he was one of Shahid's many memorable roles during the early 2000s. He played a teacher in Paathshala, and he was the highlight of the film along with the songs that still hit the nostalgic spot. 


Happy Birthday Mr. Kapoor! Here's hoping we get to see you in your lover boy era soon!

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