Adam Gilchrist shares why Western Australia should be your next vacay spot

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We recently spoke to Adam Gilchrist and here's why he thinks you should visit Western Australia on your next holiday!

Dalai Lama once said, "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before" and we concur. One thing that was on the wishlist of many people and has gradually made its way to their priority list over the years is, travel. Travelling is considered to be one of the most relaxing, therapeutic and fun experiences all over the world. While there are many places that are worth visiting and exploring all over the world, the one location that has managed to hold the interest of travel enthusiasts for the longest time has to be Australia. It has some of the best sights and experiences that people expect a vacation to be. And it's not just us saying it. Yes, we recently caught up with one of the world's best cricketers who also happens to call Australia home - Western Australia to be precise.

Adal has lived in Western Australia for the longest time is currently in India to promote tourism for the same, had some great insights when it came to giving us and thus, you, some great travel tips! Take a look...

Talking about his visit to India he said,

"I'm here as a part of a delegation from Western Australia with our Premier and a delegation. We are promoting Perth and Western Australia in a number of ways but in particular tourism. We would love to invite many Indians as possible to come down and experience Perth, it is a beautiful city and Western Australia is a wonderful state. Many beautiful parts to visit, it's a great holiday destination. And also we are hosting India there in both Men's and Women's T20 World Cup next year so why not come to Perth as well."

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We then moved onto travel and what made Western Australia a great travel destination. Here's how the conversation went...


What's your favourite part of a holiday whenever you go somewhere?

"I like taking a holiday with my family. All of us have busy lives so a holiday should be about resting or doing activities that are really fun and sharing it with family. So, I think that is a great feature of Western Australia and Perth there is plenty of holiday spots and destinations that you can enjoy with your family in a safe and fun environment."

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Holidays are also the best times to try adventurous activities that are out of your comfort zone. Have you tried you any recently?

"I think skiing, snow skiing. That wasn't very good, I was clumsy but I gave it a go and I loved it."

You've called Western Australia home for the longest time, what according to you makes it a great holiday spot?

"There are so many reasons, to be honest. It's so diverse in what you can experience. You can have the best beach in the world, you can have amazing food and wine and cuisine. There are mountain ranges, there's the coastline. So, yaa there are so many different things and that's all in just Western Australia and not all Australia. It is such a wide experience and we have a shared passion for cricket and besides, we have the Cricket World Cup next year so if you have never been before it's a reason to go and look around."

He also revealed why he loves visiting India saying,

"It is a totally different country in many ways to Australia but then they are similar in many ways as well. Like culturally, coming here seeing a lot of cricket, it's amazing. And experiencing the food and culture here, I'll never forget my 1st time in India."

So, when are you planning your trip to Western Australia?

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