#KetchupNow: This Adipurush memes fest is the dose of laughter you need after its teaser release!

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Adipurush memes fest is trending on social media because people are tripping over Raavan's Turkish look and so much more from the teaser of Prabhas' new film.

Big-scale VFX and CGI-oriented films have been sanctioned on massive budgets and are being made in India. And most of them are based on Indian history or mythology that has existed in our society in one art form or another. When Adipurush was announced, the excitement was humongous and after Brahmastra's release, which gives a taste of VFX in India, the expectation is even higher. But Adipurush is a live-action drama, something like Avatar or The Jungle Book, where animation and real life come together. And after watching the teaser release of Prabhas' newest film, an Adipurush memes fest has taken social media by storm!

The teaser merely gives us an introduction to the characters and the world that is created and inspired by the sacred story of Hindu mythology, Ramayana. Now the combination of animation and real life in the teaser looks pretty odd and seems to be heavily influenced by a lot of content from the west. The criticism of the teaser is pouring in from everywhere so much so that for many, the teaser looks like a joke. But it ranges from people not liking the representation of the Hindu gods to the weird CGI. Raavan's look, Ram-inspired Prabhas' character, Hanuman, Vanar Sena, weird flying demons, and much more have given tons of content to memers which lead to many Adipurush memes.

Though currently, it will be unfair to say anything about the story and the representation. But surely Raavan with his entire get up definitely Turkish, the Vanar sena looks interesting but the sena of Raavan doesn't seem to be rooted in our mythology. But to come to a conclusion about an entire film with just a teaser is neither fair nor just, though these reactions and memes from the Janta are sure to take you on a laughter ride!

Here is what the Janta is saying about Aadipurush teaser!

The film directed by Om Raut stars Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan in pivotal roles and is all set to release on January 12, 2023. Though it has been said that final touches on the film are still left to do and that all of this will look different on a 35 mm screen. And one can only hope for the best because there is nothing better than watching a CGI-VFX-heavy version of Ramayana unfold in front of our eyes!

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