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"Everyone could sense the competitiveness and the idea that it wouldn't be all fun and games after the first few days," says Adit Minocha about the reality show, Playground.

The digital platform has not just proven to be a place giving its audience a new form of entertainment but has also given creators the opportunity to evolve and try new things in life. We have seen digital creators doing what they love and eventually experimenting with other fields. While some fail there are others who succeed, leaving the audience stunned and in love with them. Adit Minocha has grown to become a full-fledged creator over the years with an ever-evolving audience base.

The freedom of getting the chance to create whatever he wants, whenever he wants has made Indian content creator and singer, Adit Minocha a favorite among the digital audience. The creator who is a classical singer began his content journey by sharing his cover versions of songs on his Youtube. For years, he entertained his audience with his voice until he started trying his hand at vlogging in 2020. The creator stepped into the world of lifestyle vlogging as well as funny roast videos. His audience soon began growing as they loved the way he presented the same with his own unique perspective. Adit soon ventured into sharing his love for gaming with his digital audience and is now counted among the gaming vlogger of India. The creator also became a part of India's first gaming reality show, Playground, and is amongst the few creators to enter the final week of the championship on the show. He has received a lot of love for his presence on the show and continues to become an integral part of the creator community.

We had the chance to talk to Adit about his content journey and being a part of Playground!

Here's what he had to share!

How did your content journey begin

My journey into content creation began in the 12th grade. At the time, Vine was popular, and 6-second videos with amusing concepts were all the rage. I started making films with a friend; we'd make short comedic themes and post them on our "Nothing Complicated" Facebook page.

What excites you the most about content creation?

The freedom to create whatever I want, whenever I want, and completely control the process is the most fascinating aspect of content creation.

How is it being a part of a reality show like Playground? 

Without a doubt, Playground is the most unique experience I've ever had. I progressed from being in front of the camera for a few hours before editing the final product to being in front of the camera 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's as if someone is watching you while you sleep. Actually, it's not even like that; you're being watched while you sleep and monitored all day and night.

Apart from the fact that it's a gaming event, I've had the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities and have held the lead for the majority of the first three weeks.

What were you expecting the show to be like before joining the crew?

I expected it to be lighthearted and enjoyable, which it is, but everyone could sense the competitiveness and the idea that it wouldn't be all fun and games after the first few days. A variety of other emotions, such as anger, grief, and tension, also play a role.

Were there any exciting moments or instances in the show that you remember?

The most exciting day was when teams had to compete against each other, with only one winner from each team competing. The game was Clash Royale, and it was one of my best days, where I shone by defeating every single player.

Other memorable and exciting moments include making new friends, listening to their crazy stories, being a human bowling ball on a slip 'n' slide, and winning the black ball.

What was it like to interact with and be around other creators? Was there anyone who surprised you?

Interacting with other creators is always fun, but here I met some extremely interesting people who piqued my interest more than most. My co-contestant, Udit Rajput, had the most amusing and unusual stories, Harsh Rane, the most enthusiastic and insane person I've ever met, Vanshaj and Vasu, my two best friends, and Foram and Siddhi, my new closest friends.

Can you share what goes on behind the scenes, the ones that were not aired for the audience?

I'm not sure how much I can say, but the audience only gets to see a sample for 30 minutes. Even if you cut out sleep for 8 hours, there is a lot that happens in 16 hours. A one-minute segment could have lasted two hours. 

What kind of reactions have you been receiving from your audience?

To be honest, the most encouraging feedback has come from my audience. I get the sweetest message when I'm told that they only watch Playground because I'm in it.

Are there any other creators whose content you always look up to?

Based on the mentor creators involved in this show, triggered Insaan. Because of his raw, uncut style, which reminds me of my own YouTube videos. Tanmay Bhat is my primary inspiration in the Indian YouTube or general content sectors.

Logan Paul, Pewdiepie, and Cody Ko have had the most influence on me because I spent so much of my childhood watching YouTubers from other countries.

One reason why people who haven't watched Playground should watch it.

People may mistake it for another TV show, but as the first Gaming Entertainment Show, it is undeniably unique. The contestants can be seen competing in live games. Gamers and non-gamers are pitted against one another. Every person has a unique story to tell, and you can watch episodes to learn more about these stories after watching the gaming portion of the stream.

Your future plans

Without a doubt, to continue with my existing social media content on YouTube and Instagram. Aside from that, I'd probably get more into gaming and create more game content. Being in the lead for the most part and winning so many games in a row motivates me to keep going. Perhaps do more original TV shows, acting roles, and commercials.

Hope we can see more of Adit Minocha and what he has to offer.

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