If you’re loving Ellie and Joel’s camaraderie on The Last of Us, then you would love these adoptive dads in TV and movies too!

We have seen many stories about families and their struggles that reflect our real lives but it’s the ones about chosen families that hit us hard. Stories about characters forced to look after a child, making efforts to build trust, be a father figure to someone with an absent one or choosing to protect someone so they have a better life ahead, we’re suckers for these! We often fall in love with the rapport they share throughout the story and the recent one to join this long list of adoptive dads in TV and movies is Pedro Pascal‘s Joel from The Last Of Us.

We have been falling head over heels for Pedro’s characters, especially the ones where he ends up playing a father to a lost child. So it should not be surprising to see the love that his character from HBO’s game-to-series adaptation of The Last Of Us is receiving. We saw Ellie (Bella Ramsay) and Joel having a hard time trusting each other to them laughing at bad puns and bonding through the river of death. The fact that they are not related but give major father-daughter energy has us reminiscing about all other such characters from shows we love. Having a father figure to look up to as the characters miss their dads is the most evergreen piece of cinema that we can never get tired of watching.

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As Ellie and Joel continue to care for each other with each new episode, we made a list of other adoptive dads that you should check out!

Din Djarin to Grogu – The Mandalorian

The stern and rule-abiding Mandalorian who has never bent a knee in front of anyone, one who can deal with the deadliest threats with his super cool gadgets, melted the moment he saw his mysterious bounty. If there is anything that says a lot about his love for the child, it should be the fact that he willingly decided to take his helmet off so that Grogu can see his face before saying his goodbyes and made him a beskar armour so he remembers him (crying, brb). This is the father-child duo of the century and no one can convince me otherwise.

Tony Stark to Peter Parker – Spiderman: Homecoming

Marvel as its own share of characters with daddy issues and if someone tops this list, it’s our very own Tony Stark. The genius billionaire and philanthropist has always shown what NOT having a father to reach out affected him but he made sure that Peter Parker did not have to face that. He took the young Avenger under his wings, and literally went back in time to bring him back from the dead. Not to forget he upgraded Peter’s Spidey suit with every feature that would protect him (learning from his own mistakes). That’s saying something about this unsaid father-son bond.

Jack Pearson to Randal – This is Us

Everyone knows that Jack is the best dad to ever exists among all the dads on TV. He has always done everything in his power to be the best role model for his kids. While Kevin and Kate have their own special kind of bond with him, our hearts always go mushy when we see him taking efforts to work his relationship with Randal. Randal always feels a bit out of place and Jack knows that. He respects him wanting to be around people who look like him making sure that Randal knows that he is heard. This single scene is enough to show the lengths he would go to make Randal feel loved.

Randal Pearson to Deja – This Is Us

Like father, like son. Randal was raised by a father who stands as the epitome of an ideal father in his life that he often ends up doing things that he believes Jack would do. So it was only natural to see Randal become a father to Deja and give her a wonderful life. With his corny jokes, he always makes sure to keep checking on her and let her know that there was a person she could always open up to. The way their relationship grew over the course of the show is heartwarmingly beautiful.

Professor Broom to Hellboy – Hellboy

If there is a crazy duo that we ended up rooting for till the end of the story, it was Broom and Hellboy. The bond that the two share is just like any other father-son, except the two fight monsters. Broom helps him shave his horns, checks up on him, and lets Hellboy know how proud he is of him. Broom became a father to someone that everyone looked at as a monster. He saw some good in him and continued to believe that till his last breath. I loved watching the two have their small father-son banter and quips in between their monster business.

Michael Scott to Erin – The Office

We know that Michael Scott is the ‘World’s Best Boss.’ What we also know is that he’s better when it comes to making people feel good. He has always been someone who cares about his employees’ feelings and has a special relationship with all of his staff. But his relationship with Erin is extra special. It was an unexpected duo that came out of a show with some evergreen duos. We can never get over the conversation they have when Erin wants Michael to like her boyfriend because she sees him as a father figure, and even though he is confused in the beginning, he plays along out of his love for her.

Jim Hopper to Eleven – Stranger Things

The only adoptive father who everyone loves and who even the upside down would totally root for is Jim Hopper. He didn’t just become a father figure but was the only family that Eleven had apart from her Hawking friends. Hopper has always looked out for El and tried to protect her, even though she literally has superpowers. He is so sweet that we would have happily kept the door open by 3 inches if he asked us!

Walter White to Jesse Pinkman – Breaking Bad

Sure the duo made some questionable choices in life but we can’t ignore the father-son-like bond that Walter and Jesse share. Jesse who was kicked out by his parents ended up working closely with Walt and really looked up to him. Although Walter was a monster to Jesse at times as his ego took over, he cared about Jesse and did his best to protect him in the end. Their relationship can be considered to be complicated, but I love it nevertheless.

Ned Stark to Jon Snow – Game of Thrones

The show which is based on family and territorial drama had one of the best relationships that ended up becoming the story of the century for GOT fans. Everyone who has watched the show now knows that Ned was actually Jon’s uncle and took him in as a child to protect him and to keep the promise he gave his sister. While Jon knew who his parents were in the end, we all still feel terrible about Ned not being able to share the news with him personally.

Yondu to Peter (Star-Lord) – Guardians of the Galaxy

“He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn’t your daddy.” This has to be one of the most emotional scenes in MCU and also something that describes who Yondu was in Peter’s life. A ravager who only cared about stealing things, ended up giving up his life for the boy he stole from Earth. He never spoke about how much he loved Peter but always showed it by having his back whenever needed. He is one of MCU’s adoptive dads that we loved watching onscreen.

Geralt to Ciri – The Witcher

For someone who is a ‘law of surprise,’ Geralt does everything to protect Ciri. Even though he never believed in destiny and ignored every warning, it did not take him much time to draw his sword to protect her. They never say it out loud but both of them look up to each other. Geralt taught her ways to protect herself and Ciri found the father figure she wanted in her life. Their bond is strong and we can feel it throughout the show.

Uncle Iroh to Zuko – Avatar: The Last Airbender

In the world of Ozais, all we need is one Iroh to make it better. There isn’t a better pair to show how having your biological father around should not be the only criterion for good parenting, actually being there should be. Zuko was completely lost and utterly devastated in life (thanks to Ozai), but he found a father figure in Iroh who cared for him like a son. Despite losing his own son (Lu Ten) he made sure to support Zuko throughout his banishment and guided him on the right path.

Captain Holt to Jake Peralta – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Dad, Captain Holt, Captain dad, Officer holt, Officer Dad’ we have heard it all. The poster face of what a ‘Father figure’ looks like, Holt and Jake are jokingly referred to as the father-son duo of the team. Holt has been the one who gave Jake a reason to do better so he can make someone feel proud of his work. Raymond went from being a human robot to a wholesome guy who makes jokes and Jake went from being a great officer who was too childish for his job to being a responsible person, we saw both grow together in their own respective ways and we are super proud of this father-and-son duo.

Luke to Rory and Jess – Gilmore Girls

If anything, Luke’s whole rant about “Well, where the hell were you, when she had the chicken pox and would only eat mashed potatoes for a week?” at Rory’s grandparents’ wedding to Christopher, states how good of a father he was to her than her biological father. He always cared about Rory like his own and made sure she was protected. He was the same with Jess by being the ideal father figure pushing him to go to college, work hard and be something in life.

Ron Swanson to April – Parks And Recreation

Two peas in a pod, one can agree that there is no better connection than what Ron Swanson and April have. Both are very allergic to meeting people and prefer staying in their own comfort zone. We had some great laughable moments when the two came together. The way Ron supported all of April’s weird thoughts and encouraged her to be herself while also calling her out when she had issues with Andy, he has been like a father figure to her.

Who is your favourite fictional dad? Let us know in the comments below.

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