What to watch if you're missing 'This is Us' too!

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This is Us

Loving This Is Us was never a choice and since we're missing it, here's a list of shows that will fill that void in us!

If your eyes also haven't dried after watching This Is Us then we're sailing in the same boat! This show was a rollercoaster of emotions making us laugh, angry, smile, and mostly sob our hearts out. Once you walk into the world of the Pearson family you realize there's no going back. You become a part of their lives and care for every person involved with the Big Three. But the show ended with its sixth season. Even though it was not long ago, we're already missing the Pearson family and their issues.

Falling in love with Jack Pearson and being in awe of Rebecca was as easy as it could get when watching the show. We got angry at Kevin at times only to understand him later, wanted to hug Randall every time he had a breakdown, and give Kate all the love more than the hate she gives herself. This Is Us took us through every family problem, small moments of happiness, and more. Not to forget all the tissue boxes we used up during each episode after breaking our own promise to not cry.

The fact that we love this show 'as any human heart can love' makes it even more difficult to remember that the show ended. And even though we can always start the show all over again, there will also be times when we want to watch other shows like This Is Us.

We made a list of shows that talk about family, siblings, and everything in between these relationships!

Yeh Meri Family

Sweet Magnolias


The Aam Aadmi Family

I Know This Much Is True

A Million Little Things

My Mad Fat Diary

Virgin River

Queen Sugar

Scenes from a Marriage

What the Folks


Grace and Frankie

Gilmore Girls

Apart from the story of the show, one reason for every "This is Us" fan is getting the chance to watch our very own Jack Pearson, Milo Ventimiglia, as Rory's rebellious boyfriend Jess.

Hope these shows fill up the gap that the end of This Is Us brought.

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