Check out these adorable dog videos to get over your anxiety during this quarantine

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Still cribbing over your isolation period? Have a look at these dog videos and brighten up your day. Because a dog video a day keeps the sadness away.

Remember the time when we were at our offices working when it could suddenly hit us and we would shout inside 'Mujhe ghar jana hai'? Being in quarantine has certainly made us miss our office chair, our friends with whom we could goof around and a lot of the outside world. But since being isolated is not a choice and is something that is the need of the hour, we cannot do much but stay at home and divert our mind from the thought of wanting to go out. Amongst all these cries and cribbing there is only one force that unites us all. That brings us together and fill our hearts with love and pawsitivity, in other words, adorable dog videos.

It is a proven fact by a top dog lover, Mr John Wick that dog is the most treasured creature and that hurting it evokes the Baba Yaga in all of us. It is also approved by the National academy of woofalogy that leaving a man with a number of puppy videos will give him the strength to stay in isolation for as long as one may please. I mean come on, who could resist a video of this chupuhcuuu, this furry goofball that rolls around, runs, barks, wails his tail, or just stumbles down a chair? No one, not me for sure. So, as you sit and hate the self-isolation period we have collected some of the most adorable and cute and funny puppy videos that you can enjoy!

Have a look at these dog videos (I have aww-ed a hundred times already):

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“You know how everyone has a good side? Well I don’t have one... because every angle is fabulous!” -Maggie • • • So I have been super busy and excited because the newest member of the Wunder Dog family will be starting her journey TOMORROW! Both @milliethewunderdog and Mitya will be driving across many miles on a 3-4 day trip. Their arrival in the UK means they start a whole new life! • Millie will be moving straight into her forever home but Mitya is looking for his. He will need a foster home, preferably with the intent to adopt. Thanks to the generosity of our followers his surgery costs will be covered by our fundraising efforts. • You wouldn’t believe how excited I am to meet both dogs but obviously I’m ecstatic to meet and bring home my sweet Millie. This is going to be a year of firsts for her and I’m so excited to share them with you!

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?? @bail3ybear #GoldenRetriever

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If you find any such puppy videos share with us. Because we can never get enough of these videos!!!

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