This unicorn pupper is the perfect amount of cuteness and squish. ‘Narwal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn’ is melting hearts online with his tiny forehead tail.

If you thought unicorns don’t exist, you are right they don’t. But all it took was a four-pawed angel to break this thought. Just when we thought there can be nothing more special than being a pup, Mac’s Mission, a charity that looks after dogs with special needs has rescued a cute little bud in Missouri. This adorable puffball, fondly called as the unicorn pupper, is creating a stir on the internet. The unique yet cute unicorn tail growing on his forehead has us all crushing on him. This little marvel has a name now “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn.”

His name refers to appendage sprouting from his head. Although the tail looks cute, it has also become a matter of concern. The tail was examined to see if it will cause any kind of harm to the pup in the future. But people had a more important question to be answered, “Can the puppy wag that tail?”

Check out the Tweet celebrating this unicorn pupper:

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After a thorough examination, the charity gave the pup a clean chit on his health. The tail has no bones and therefore he cannot wag it (dank it!)

No matter if he can or cannot wag his tail, Narwal the marvel is winning hearts for sure.

Can we adopt him already?