Shubham Mishra arrested for making rape threats against comedian Agrima Joshua

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Stand-up comedian, Agrima Joshua received backlash online after an old video from one of her gigs went viral. After receiving multiple complaints online, the Vadodara Police arrested Shubham Mishra, who made rape threats against the comedian.

Stand-up comedian, Agrima Joshua saw a lot of backlash coming her way after a video from one of her stand-up gigs went viral online. In the 2019 video, Agrima talks about the new Chhatrapati Shivaji statue that would be built in Mumbai and some funny things that she read related to the same on the Q&A website called Quora.

Agrima Joshua recalled how some wrote down that the statue 'was a good move by the Prime Minister' and another wrote how 'it will have a GPS tracker and will shoot laser rays out of its eyes to kill Pakistani terrorists in the Arabian Sea'. She also mentioned a third comment which said, "Guys, get your facts right. It's not Shivaji, it's Shivaji Maharaj". This portion of the video has been shared by online users will people demanding for legal actions to be taken against her for hurting sentiments of the community.

People shared abuses and hate against her online. The cafe, where she performed the gig was also vandalized by MNS members on Saturday. With the growing rage among the people, Home Minister Anil Deshmukh and the police took legal actions against her while asking the people to keep their calm and to let the law do its work.

Agrima Joshua took to her Twitter and posted a video apologising to all the followers of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and for hurting their sentiments.

However, an Instagram user called, Shubham Mishra crossed the line of personal attacks even further. The user shared a video online where he abuses the comedian, her mother and her sister. He can be seen lashing out on her while making horrifying rape threats. He, ironically, ends the video by saying that he respects women.

The remarks he made are very derogatory and have been receiving a lot of outrage online. Celebrities and comedians also took to social media condemning the video and asking for proper actions to be taken up against the man spewing hate in the name of honouring the respected Maratha ruler. Considering all the hate that he received online Shubham deleted the video from his profile. But he posted a video on YouTube justifying all his abuses and rape threats against Agrima.

The Vadodara police arrested Shubham on Sunday after receiving multiple complaints online. A legal process was initiated for registration of FIR against him under the relevant section of IPC and IT act.

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