Aishwarya Mohanraj shares her first vlog as she surprises her boyfriend

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Aishwarya Mohanraj

Indian comedian, Aishwarya Mohanraj surprised her boyfriend Aakash Shah after a long time and shared her first vlog.

People happen to enjoy different types of content and vlogs happen to be one of them. Over the years, vlogs have been widely viewed by people across the world. India has its fair share of vloggers sharing their content regularly while engaging with their audience and creators and artists from various fields have been trying their hand at vlogging. Comedian Aishwarya Mohanraj has joined this league of vloggers in India as she shared her first vlog.

The comedian has been able to make people laugh not just through her standup acts, but also through her Reels on Instagram. Her videos are funny and relatable AF. She made her relationship public on Instagram by talking about how she imagines her love story to be romantic just like in the movies. She confirmed her relationship with Aakash Shah on her Instagram and has been very vocal about it since, leaving us singles crying in pain. The two look so cute together that it makes us all happy to see them together. For her first vlog, Aishwarya decided to surprise her boyfriend by visiting him after a long time. The two, like many of us, were not able to meet since the pandemic happened. The comedian followed proper precautions and traveled to see Aakash!

Take a look:

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