Ajay Devgan tweets Kajol's number as a prank and Twitter loses it!

Paawan Sunam
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Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan pulled a prank on his Twitter followers by tweeting his wife, Kajol’s phone number.

He later clarified that it was a prank and was bored of pulling ones on the set and decided to change his turf. It has been speculated the number didn't belong to her. It would have been a violation of Twitter rules and the tweet would have been taken down if it were her real number.

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Kajol like any wife reacted to it in the most obvious way.

But the people had a few things to say like he might have overdosed on Vimal while tweeting and more.

Damn, I missed the opportunity of adding her to my WhatsApp group. Well, next time maybe.

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