Akshay Kumar decides to step down as brand ambassador of a paan masala brand and promises his fans to make better choices in the future.

Akshay Kumar has been one of the most influential actors in our country. With so many eyes on him at all times, he has people who follow him blindly, be it his movies or the brands that he endorses. And recently, the public questioned him about what message he wanted to give out while promoting a paan masala brand that also sells tobacco products. Especially when he’s famously known for his ad where he stops a villager from smoking and asks him to put that money into buying his wife a sanitary pad for her hygiene. Thinking about it in hindsight, he also felt that he could’ve made a better decision and probably not used his huge platform to promote tobacco.

As we all know Akshay Kumar has always been a man of his words, so the actor took to his Instagram today to issue a heartfelt apology to his fans and said that the criticism he received from them has deeply affected him, and with all humility, he has decided to step down as the brand ambassador of Vimal Elaichi. He further said that he will contribute all the fees that he received from the brand towards a worthy cause and repent for his mistake. Even though he’s no longer associated with the brand, according to his legal terms with them, they still might air his ads till the contract expires. He humbly assures everyone that he will be more mindful in his future endeavors and will always seek love and good wishes from his fans.

Celebrities have always been in the eye of controversy but there are very few who learn from their mistakes and handle them with the utmost grace and class and Akshay Kumar has definitely proved to be one of them. It’s true, with great power comes great responsibility.

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