Akshay Kumar songs from the 90s that were our favourites

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Akshay Kumar

These Akshay Kumar songs from the 90s are the real shiz and if you're a millennial you still secretly love them even if you say you don't!

The 90s were and exciting time for Bollywood movies, weren't they? A lot of massy films, good actors at the peak of their careers, romantic declarations and family feuds, action sequences with loud sound effects and so many other things. Several actors were responsible for keeping us entertained through these genres and one actor who most definitely was on the list is - Akshay Kumar.

From his acting, romancing, dancing, to even fighting, fans had various reasons to love Akshay Kumar. The one other thing that his fans couldn't hide their love for were his songs. If going viral would have been a thing back then these songs would have been recreated by thousands of people. It has been a minute since the 90s but the songs still have their charm.

Check out these Akshay Kumar songs from the 90s:

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