Akshay Yadav represents India at World Freestyle Championship in Prague and becomes National Vice Champion

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Akshay Yadav

Off-the-dome moves by Freestyle Footballer Akshay Yadav made him become Vice Champion at National Freestyle Championship

Mumbai-based prominent Freestyle Footballer known for his shuffles with football, Akshay Yadav represented India at the World Freestyle championship 2022 held in Prague. Akshay was last seen in a Netflix special, ‘Jaadugar’. He was a sports choreographer as well as made his acting debut in the movies. The month of September for Akshay has been no less than a roller-coaster ride. The sensational player who played in Prague got back home for another tournament in India, where he competed against some of the finest freestylers across the country and won the title of ‘Vice Champion’ in Indian Freestyle Football. 

The Ball Wizard has been playing freestyle for quite some years now. He has represented India at several world championships and won many titles under his name. Visiting Prague for the championship was Akshay’s fairyland turning into reality. As a kid who watched competitors perform on the same stage of the World Championship and learned from them. From looking up to them as a pioneer guru to opponent competitors, he felt he made it through a milestone. However, his story took a slight turn. Before prepping for Prague, Akshay met with a major leg injury. Yet in between the hurdles he managed to travel, practice, compete and overpass all of it for freestyling. All this happened in a glimpse only for him to know that another champion trophy was waiting back home! 

The best among the competitive freestylers across the country were selected at the National Freestyle Championship which is organized by The World Freestyle Football Association ( WFFA). The competitors had to submit their entry via a video for the online competition and then the top 8 freestylers with the highest numbers of judges got into the finals. Akshay made it to the Top 3 in the finals and competed with the other 7 freestylers where he made it to the nationals finals. 


After being in the field for several years and now holding the title of Vice Champion, we asked how he was feeling about winning and his plans for this Artistic Freestyler. He quoted, “The feeling is beyond me describing it. Watching you win titles that once you dreamt of is a surreal dream in itself. I knew 2022 was going to be my year. I am practising every day so that under any circumstances I know I am prepared for it. Speaking about my vision, In our country, many people don't know much about freestyling and I want to change that. Like cricket, I look up to a vision of freestyling and becoming a household name. As far as talking about commercial things, in the coming years, it is going to grow. Fifa is coming home (India), and that surely is going to hype freestyling. We are going to see freestylers performing a lot and I am already excited to see things happening!” 

One makes friends in whatever environment one stay in. No matter if the environment is competitive or educational. The same story holds for Akshay. He has friends from the same community, and all of them share a great bond. However, when it comes to competition, the boys have a healthy competition on the field and amusing bro code off-field! Now that Akshay has won as Vice Champion, he has already started working to come back stronger and wiser for the one and only Champion Trophy of the country.

We wish Akshay All the best for that and Congratulations on his win!  

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