Alia Bhatt: The actress who single handedly donned powerful roles!

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Alia Bhatt: The actress who single handedly donned powerful roles!

Alia Bhatt and her filmography is proof that there are finally good roles being written for women in the Indian film industry.

In this modern age of Bollywood, there are so many actors who are rising and always bringing their A game along but only a few of them succeed in creating an impact. Alia Bhatt, after adding so many amazing roles to her filmography, is not only known for her meme material interviews but also for the powerful performances that she kept on giving, movie after movie. She has proved her versatility time and time again by choosing roles that show her in a different light, thereby demonstrating her variety.

Whether it was the fashion icon Shanaya in Student of the Year or the simple girl in Highway, she always comes through with her best performance. It all started with SOTY where she played a rich spoilt kid who studied in a fancy school. The love triangle in the movie may not have caught the audience's eye, but the movies she chose after that showed us glimpses of a star in the making.


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Veera was a young bride-to-be, who was abducted by a criminal and his men a day prior to her wedding. Far from being terrified of her abductor, Veera discovers an adventurous and liberating life. Her role in Highway made us feel like home and this role changed the trajectory of her acting career. People finally started taking her seriously as an actor after this one.

Alia Bhatt's career took a hike after she did Dear Zindagi in 2016. This movie showed the world her true potential. This movie also gracefully talked about mental health issues and the importance of getting help when needed. On the other hand, her transition from playing Kiara to playing Sehmat was unexpected but she didn't hesitate in nailing both of these roles.


An ordinary college student, Sehmat's life goes upside down when she finds out the last wish of her dying father. She was trained and groomed to be a deadly spy and sent to Pakistan to complete her dying father's final wish.  She gave us an absolute groundbreaking performance in Raazi. 

As Alia once said "Whatever you do, do with determination. You have one life to live; do your work with passion and give your best. Whether you want to be a chef, doctor, actor, or a mother, be passionate to get the best result." She did exactly the same. She was passionate to be a groundbreaking actor who not only was a part of commercial films but also those films that talked about issues that not all mainstream actors were comfortable doing. She gave two of her best performances last year which made us bigger fans.

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Gangubai Kathiawadi and Darlings, both talk about issues that are otherwise pretty untouched in cinema. In Gangubai, she played a sexworker turned mafia queen and this time her fans were mesmerized by her body language, voice, dialogue delivery, and expressions which made her an actress everyone's rooting for. Darlings talked about Badru's relationship with her husband, Hamza that turns ugly when he turns into an abusive and alcoholic husband. However, when his behavior leads to a tragedy, she sets off to seek revenge. Both the movies showed her put the act in actress.


Thank you for showing us what strong women centric films can look like! Happy Birthday, Alia!

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