Here’s how you can be a part of the FRIENDS reunion through the All In Challenge

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If you’re a FRIENDS fan, you’ve definitely dreamt of sipping coffee with the cast at Central Perk at least once. Wait, you know what? This can happen for real now! Thanks to the All In Challenge 

The COVID-19 outbreak has challenged many individuals into poor living conditions and left them with no food to eat. Superstars around the globe have considered helping the poor souls with the help of social media. Some of them are providing food, shelter and other basic commodities while others are raising money through hosting web events Like the other celebrities who have announced events for raising money and donating to those who are worse affected by the pandemic, we have FRIENDS cast as well. Participate in the All In Challenge to donate for a cause and you might be the extra friend they’re looking for.

YOU might just be the FRIEND they are looking for..

The actors have shared posts asking their fans to donate for a cause and here, you can get a chance to be invited to the Friends reunion episode! How amazing is that?! Just imagine, you and your five other buddies with your dream cast crew, you might never want a pinch to come back to reality.

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Take a look:

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Hi guys ?? ❤️⠀ ⠀ We’re so excited to join the ALL IN challenge to help keep people fed and healthy during this time. ⠀ ⠀ We’re inviting you and five of YOUR friends to join the six of us on Stage 24. Be our personal guests in the audience for the taping of our @HBOMAX reunion, as we reminisce about the show and celebrate all the fun we had ? ... and get the whole Friends VIP experience on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.⠀ ⠀ We hope this brings a little joy, and something to look forward to. Go to to enter... and donate whatever you can - $10, $25 - every dollar counts. 100% of proceeds will go to @nokidhungry, @mealsonwheelsamerica and #AmericasFoodFund which benefits @feedingamerica and @wckitchen. ⠀ Can’t wait to meet and hug you guys when this is all over ? Until then, keep Facetiming, calling, DMing, and texting your friends and family. We gotta stay connected ??

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Here are other celebrities who have accepted the All In Challenge:


Ariana Grande


Ellen DeGeneres

….and the list continues.

We hope you win your chance to be at Central Perk. Good Luck!

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