Check out some of the videos by Aman Magic Man morphing himself into popular movie scenes and living his Bollywood dream.

The power of Bollywood is so massive that there are millions who want to live the dream of starring in a Bollywood movie. We have all dreamt of our dupatta getting stuck in a stranger’s watch, or getting beaten in a dance battle by a girl you liked at your cousin’s wedding or starring in a popular romantic song with your BAE. No matter how many series and Hollywood movies we watch, the want to live that Bollywood dream always stays with us. TikToker and digital creator Aman Magic Man is living this dream with his videos online.

What could be more Bollywood than his own name? We are still not over Aman – sab thik kardega from Kal Ho Na Ho. There are movies that have become so close to our hearts, that it is hard for us to not watch these movies without actually lip-syncing the dialogues. We have watched SRK open his arms wide open and we have also seen him being the protective brother-in-law. Magic Man editing himself into these popular scenes from movies and becoming a part of them is the best thing you’ll see today. These videos are so interesting that we can watch them all day.

Check out some of his videos:

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