8 Reasons why we have a crush on Vishnu Kaushal

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Vishnu Kaushal

Listing down our reasons to follow one of our favorite Indian content creators, Vishnu Kaushal, what are yours?

Content creation is an art that has been spreading like wildfire. People are looking to try their hand at creating digital videos that are both entertaining and informational. It is beautiful how people can let their creative selves out within a span of 15 seconds for a short video. One of these talented content creators like Vishnu Kaushal has proved himself over and over.

Vishnu is the witty boy next door who we love to hang around with. He is the talented and the funny one that every girl has a crush on. Videos of this Punjabi boy from Chandigarh feel closer to our hearts because they happen to be snippets from our lives that we tend to ignore or give less attention to. People watching his videos end up saying “Bro, same!” and we get it. Vishnu's video around how Bollywood has stereotyped Punjabis is a good example of the relatable content that he creates. His being scolded by his mom leaves us reminiscing about the times when the same happened to us.

The creator recently crossed 500k followers on his Instagram thevishnukaushal. From starting off as a small YouTuber to becoming one of the popular Indian content creators, Vishnu has grown and how. It's amazing to watch talent being appreciated and we couldn't be happier for Vishnu Kaushal. Celebrating his recent victory, we decided to share a list of reasons why we love him and we know you’d agree too.

Here's why we love him:

He manages to make us laugh with his utterly relatable content

Him admitting his love for Diksha broke many hearts but also melted them

He has an amazing sense of fashion that needs more appreciation 

He can do both, be aesthetically sexy and funny

Even though he is not related to Vicky Kaushal, he is equally hot

He cares about things and makes sure he puts them out in his own way

His Punjabi family-centric videos prove that movies don't capture this well

His videos with his brother Govind reminded us of every sibling story ever

Thank you for creating content that we can relate to and for bringing a smile to our faces when we really needed it! Congratulations Vishnu!!

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