Watch this comedy sketch aka The Loan Scam by Ashish Chanchlani for free on Amazon’s shopping app.

The Loan Scam is streaming exclusively now on Amazon’s shopping app – no paid subscription required. Amazon miniTV is a free, mobile video entertainment service within Amazon’s mobile shopping app, which serves as a TV-in-pocket for every single Amazon customer in India. It launches a comedy sketch today, The Loan Scam, created by the popular content creator, Ashish Chanchlani. The sketch video features Ashish Chanchlani in the lead along with his close friend, Kunal Chhabhria. Ashish is known to create such fun content based on relatable experiences that each one of us must have gone through at some point in our lives.

The Loan Scam is a light-hearted and comical take on the travails and experiences of securing a loan. The sketch beautifully captures the comic prowess of the well-acclaimed personality, Ashish Chanchlani.

Check out the trailer here!

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