Amazon miniTV's Transistor talks through its visuals in 25 mins

Sakshi Sharma
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Transistor is a 25 minute short film that tells us an intriguing love story set in 1975 featuring Ahsaas Channa and Mohammad Samad.

Two teenagers, one transistor, and a blooming love story in an emergency that's hit India, Amazon miniTV takes you through the nuances of love in a bygone era in its first exclusive short film – Transistor. Directed by Prem Singh and produced by Starving Scotch Productions, Sunday Films, and Kevin Kailash Muthiah. The short film stars the internet’s favorite face Ahsaas Channa and Mohammad Samad (Tumbbad fame) in the lead. 

Set in 1975 in a nation reeling in the aftermath of a national emergency, ‘Transistor’ is an intriguing tale of human emotions. With two teenagers navigating through the complexities of love through one transistor, the only form of recreation available in that era. In a fine blend of love, fear, happiness, and despair coupled with strong performances by Ahsaas and Mohammad Samad, this film is a nuanced take on love blossoming despite societal limits and prejudices.

The film says it all through visuals and metaphors and isn't dependent on dialogues. And it's daring to use no words in a film that features an electronic box of voices, no? This dabba of voices though becomes the language of the film and tells us the story in both, private and public spheres. It's the language of love as well as the language that showcases the authoritarianism of the Indira Gandhian era. Even though the premise is pretty much predictable, it's a slow-paced, well-crafted short film that goes beyond the era it's depicting. The charm of the film lies in its silences and the lack of closeups with Ahsaas Channa and Mohammad Samad doing a fab job as the leads.

So, have you watched this intriguing tale of romance yet? It's available on Amazon miniTV for free, though it's only available on Android for now. With a vision to cater to the discerning audience of today’s internet generation, the content line-up on miniTV is carefully handpicked to cater to a wider appeal that cuts across gender and language barriers.

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